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Bf5 looking good

I realy like the graphics and from what i have seen gameplay looks good characther costumisation is something i really like the multilplayer shouldn t be that realistic but it gotta stay true to the ww2 origins i would personaly sacrifice realism for better gameplay ,realy looking forward for campain bf1 bf3 bfbc1 and 2 had amazing campains and i belive the battle royale mode even as oversaturated as it is i think would work with bf AND it still has the campaing unlike black ops 4 wich is a bummer the cod blops campaings were always good
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BF 1/V 30+ Squad Members Europe/Netherlands

Hello BF enthousiast,

Im playing BF 1 regularly and can't wait to the new installment to come!-) I'm a 33 year old gamer from the Netherlands, who's plays with mic on PS4 and i think that's essential for good squad play. Send a friend request if you want to; RobBruinsma1984

See you on the battlefield!-)

Gr, Rob
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EA releases Battlefield V single player trailer.

The video features various attributes of the single player "War Stories" that will be a part of Battlefield V.
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Should i come back to Battlefield?

Its been over a year now since i played it but i decided that maybe i should come back for a bit. The reason why i haven't played BF is because back then me and some buddies would always play a match on bf4 or 3 or maybe even bc2 if we feel lucky or some sort. Now and then i would see them leaving the game and play some other game (Fortnite especially). I too left the game and decided to play some cod which is another game i grow up with (same with bf). I started watching levelcap old videos on bf and it made me starting to think about the whole bf community and see on how its holding up. So tell me what you guys think, you should i come back to the bf roots or should i stick with cod?
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Join my platoon

I'm a New Zealander and I made this platoon for my family, the O'Meara's, join if you want. The platoon tag is TSH and the name is "The spoils of honour"
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Shortcut kits

I just recently bought bf4 premium edition when it went on sale for the Xbox One. How do I access my shortcut kit that comes with it?
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Bad company 4

Would anyone like to join this awesome milsim?
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Rank up

So I'm trying to rank up and get more weapons but no matter how many matches I play the bar barely ever moves if it moves at all what am I missing or doing wrong
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Conquest in Beta

I read through the Conquest article on this community and I can only assume that the conquest mode in the Beta is yet another iteration as I don't really feel any less confused after reading it. You start out with 800 spawn points which gets reduced whenever someone has to spawn back in, correct? This is different from 'tickets' I assume. And as your team or squad capture points (labled A - F), these points can then be spent by the squad leader on drops and other means of assistance. There's no tutorial explaining this in the game that I could find, so just guessing here.
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BF3 Weapons

Whats your favorite weapon(s) in Battlefield 3? Mine is the G3A3 and M416
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Nameless song

So there’s a song in hardline multiplayer that plays on the radio with a camera flash in it. It’s dubstep and it’s not anywhere to be found name wise. Close as I suspect is a company called “Exteme Music” created it and kept the name. Help pls
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BF 2143

Who else thinks they should make it
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To dat boi lime

It’s your boi my tv broke and now I’m stuck watching the battle of despactio just wanted you to know
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I need help with unlocking the unica 6

I play on Xbox and decided to get the unica 6, but the problem is, there are no public servers playing the sunken dragon map, and I was hoping if 3 other Xbox one players could help me start a match so I can get it.
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Ive just started to play this game

I played this game for the first time few hours ago and I realized that my guns are kinda shitty
Can you tell me which weapons are the best and where I can get 'em?
(Also it would be nice if u can tell me which ps4 controller button i need to press to use gas grenades)
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Who like the story mode
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American Civil War/ Korean War

I'd love to see a Battlefield game be set during the American civil war and Korean war. There are hardly any games that touch on those time periods anymore.
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Join my bf1 platoon

My platoon is mainly for new people to bf1 or by in general. Any one is welcome though. The platoon name is BFN- BFnoobs
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