Official Tweak List comes from DICE....

From Alan Kertz, who supposedly left the Battlefield 3 team, has released an official weapons change list over at Said list shows that almost all weapons will see some type nerf or buff, damage and accuracy wise. The following is a round-up of the most important changes.

- All assault rifle recieve a minimum damage increase from 17 to 18.4.

- All sniper rifles recieve "one hit" kills in distances under 15 meters.

- All bolt action sniper rifles will recieve a minimum damage increase from 55 to 59 plus maximum damage raise from 75 to 80.

- Shotgun buckshot maximum damage increase from 20 to 21.5.

- Pump action frag rounds maximum damage increase from 60 to 67.

- Auto shotgun frag rounds will see a minimum damage reduction from 10 to 5.

- All SMG's & PDW's will recieve a minimum damage increase.

- .44 Magnum will now have a "1.25x upper chest damage multiplier".

- G18, M9 and M93R will recieve recoil reductions.

- All LMG's will recieve a minimum damage increase.

Now, please not that this is all "preliminary" data and may or may not make it into the final game. It is also likely that what is listed here is part of what was meant for the February Patch, although there has been no official confirmation as of yet, the patch will likely happen in March.

Again, if you would like to see the full deatailed list click here.

Source: bf3blog

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