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For a similar scope in Battlefield 3, see Ballistic Scope.
"A highly efficient compliment to sniper rifles, this 12x optical sight intensifies zoom power while also providing substantially longer range accuracy. It allows greater stand off striking capability and target engagement."

— In-game description

Sniper x12 opt

12X High Power Scope picture

The 12X High Power Scope is a primary specialization featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam, exclusive to the Recon Kit.

It magnifies the sniper scope by 12 times or zoom level increased by 67%, allowing greater stand off striking capability and target engagement at longer ranges.

Unlike other optics, the 12X Scope is not partnered with the weapon. If the player using the specialization is to acquire a new rifle on the field, it will possess a 12X Scope regardless of whether or not its original owner equipped it.


  • In earlier versions of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the image for the 12X High Power Scope in the menu used to display a 4X Rifle Scope. This was fixed in a patch.

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