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For the weapon attachment in later games, see 12 Gauge Slug.

"A 12 gauge Sabot round designed to give shotguns added range in operations outside of Urban areas. It substitutes high power for enhanced range and precision accuracy."

— In-game description

12 Gauge Slugs is a primary specialization and weapon modification in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, exclusive for shotguns. It replaces the standard multiple-projectile short-range buckshot ammunition with single-projectile long-range slugs.


Slugs can be used on every shotgun available, these being the T194, USAS-12 and SPAS-12. The weapons with this modification each count as a different collectible. When used on the T194, it fires explosive rounds which can cause splash damage and minor destruction.


It is unlocked at rank 16. The damage of the slug is less than the combined damage of the buckshot pellets, however the slug's accuracy and range make up for the loss of damage. Combined with Magnum Ammo, this specialization can make pump-action shotguns a one-shot kill from 12.5m (about 41 ft) away, and a two-shot kill past 12.5m.

It is also possible to kill two people with one shot as long they are relatively close together, usually when one is behind the other. This, and the fact that the slug uses the sniper bullet model, essentially makes any pump-action shotgun a powerful, fast-firing mid range weapon.

These stats make a pump-action shotgun almost identical to a sniper rifle, with the major differences being the shotguns' higher rate of fire, and lack of scope or sight.

Slugs for pump-action shotguns do 100-50 damage, and for the USAS-12 and Saiga 20K, slugs do 39-28 damage. In hardcore mode, pump-action shotguns equipped with slugs and Magnum Ammunition will always kill an enemy in one hit, regardless of range or shot placement.

When equipped, slugs are partnered to the weapon, not the player. If a player were to equip slugs for their shotgun, then acquire a new shotgun in the field, that shotgun will not have slug ammunition unless the original owner equipped it. Likewise, if a player who did not equip slugs were to acquire a slug shotgun, the player will have the benefit of slug rounds as well as his original choice of specializations.


  • The slug shot uses the same bullet model as sniper bullets, and is identically affected by bullet drop. It also has the ability to get a marksman headshot at long distances.
  • A glitch may cause 12 Gauge Slugs to not activate and instead show (for its description) weapon stats that are all at zero.
  • 12 Gauge Slugs were originally unlocked at rank 12, but the unlock rank was later changed to 16 as it was originally intended due to a glitch in the rank-up code.

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