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369th Infantry Regiment

Battlefield 1


Flag of the United States United States of America


Infantry Regiment


Harlem Hellfighters


"Don't Tread On Me"

The 369th Infantry Regiment—also known as the Harlem Hellfighters—were an infantry regiment of the U.S. Army National Guard during World War I comprised of African Americans that were known for their toughness and the fact that they never lost a trench, foot of ground, or a man through capture to the enemy.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

The Harlem Hellfighters will feature prominently in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield 1, recounting their assignment to the French Army in advance of official U.S. participation in World War I by the American Expeditionary Forces.


  • During the Closed Alpha for Battlefield 1, African facial textures appear to have been used for the British and German Scout class models, prompting some controversy.



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