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Mercedes 37 95

A Mercedes 37/95 in reality

The Mercedes 1913 37/95 was a German-manufactured automobile produced immeadiately prior to and during World War I. Originally developed as a touring car, and constructed with a four cylinder, 95 horsepower engine capable of a top speed of around 70mph, the vehicle was considered one of the most powerful production automobiles in the world at the time.[1]

Mercedes was one of several German firms to have their civilian vehicles pressed into service as staff cars during the war, with the 37/95 being utilized by both the German and Ottoman militaries.

Battlefield 1Edit

37/95 Scout
37 95 Scout Icon
Vehicle passengers 1x driver
1x gunner
1x passenger
(3 total)
Vehicle armor Light
(Passengers fully exposed)
Main weapon None
(Seat 1)
Passenger weapon 1x Maxim MG
(Seat 2)
Second passenger weapon Personal equipment
(Seat 3)
Vehicle speed High
Vehicle maneuverability Very High

The 37/95 Scout is a fast attack vehicle featured in Battlefield 1 for the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires.



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