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Not to be confused with the Rifle Scope
Assault rifle 4X rifle scope
Submachine gun 4X rifle scope
Light machine gun 4X rifle scope
Sniper rifle 4X rifle scope

The 4X Rifle Scope is a primary Specialization and weapon attachment featured in the singleplayer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as well as the game's multiplayer.


The 4X Rifle Scope can be found attached on the XM8 Prototype, AN-94, M60, M95 and SCAR-L. The weapons with this attachment each count as a different collectible.


700px-XM8 BC2

The 4X Rifle Scope attached to an XM8 Prototype at Isla Inocentes in multiplayer.

"4x optical rifle sight that increases magnification and accuracy for aimed shots at medium ranges."

— In-game description

The 4X Rifle Scope can be attached to any kit-specific gun, as well as the M14 Mod 0 Enhanced and G3. Players must first unlock the specialization for each of their respective kits in order to attach them to the weapon class associated to each kit. In the case of the M14 Mod 0 and G3, it is available as soon as each respective weapon has been unlocked.

This scope provides a 4X zoom that improves mid-range accuracy, however the improvement is not drastic. The scope provides a red chevron in the center of the scope for aiming.

The sight specialization is partnered with the weapon, not the player. If a player were to acquire a new weapon in the field, the scavenged weapon will not have a sight unless its original owner equipped it. Likewise, if a player were to acquire a new weapon with a scope without equipping it at spawn, the player will have the benefit of both the scope and keeping their original choice of specializations.

  • Assault - 14000 is required to unlock for use on all assault rifles.
  • Engineer - 13500 is required to unlock for use on all submachine guns.
  • Medic - 18000 is required to unlock for use on all light machine guns.
  • Recon - 8000 is required to unlock for use on all sniper rifles.


  • Prior to the release of the game, the 4X Rifle Scope and the Red Dot Sight were able to be fit on the M14 Mod 0 Enhanced and the G3, but this feature was dropped due to issues with kit balance. This feature was later brought back with the 1.05 patch.
  • In game, the red chevron is actually projected like a hologram. This is most obvious to the player when reloading the M16A2's M203 beside a wall (on the player's right hand side). When equipped on the AKS-74u, the red chevron can be seen floating just in front of the scope (most noticeable when sprinting). It is unknown if this is a bug, or intended by DICE.
  • Like the dot on the Red Dot Sight, the outline of the chevron can be very blurred and hazy depending on the lighting, making long range aiming difficult at best.
  • The 4X Rifle Scope takes slightly longer to aim down compared to normal iron sights and the Red Dot Sight.
  • On the PC version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the 4X Rifle Scope can disappear when the player equips up the underslung grenade launcher. This can also happen with the Red Dot Sight.
  • In the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta, when aiming through a 4x Rifle Scope, the chevron was much smaller and the outline of the scope was much thinner than in the final version.

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