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A 75mm cannon was a common caliber of field gun during World War I, and thus among the first weapons chosen for use on one of the war's major developments: the tank.

The French Canon de 75mm TR Saint-Chamond (Modele 1915) was strongly proposed for use on the Saint-Chamond gun carrier by Colonel Emile Rimailho, the cannon's designer and also the tank's technical director. The Saint-Chamond owes some its uncommon design and reputation for unreliability to housing a full-sized cannon, rather than shortened cannons as may be seen on the FT-17 and the first British tanks. This gun was later replaced by the earlier Canon de 75 modèle 1897, regarded as the first modern artillery piece due to its recoil-mitigating design.

Battlefield 1Edit

Not to be confused with the 75mm HE Howitzer.
75mm Cannon


Magazine size

6 shells


3 seconds

Reserve reload time

3 second delay + 3 sec/shell

Customization Slot

Primary/secondary weapon

The 75mm Cannon is the driver's main weapon for the Saint-Chamond tank.

Five ammunition types are available, of which two at most are used by the driver:

Airburst (Gas Assault Package)
This shell detonates a split-second after impacting a surface. The initial hit deals light damage, perhaps enough to wound infantry, but negligible to walls or armor. The bursting shell has a wide blast area, and can completely level a small structure.
Case (Field Assault Package)
Anti-infantry shrapnel shell.
Gas (Gas Assault Package)
Explosive shell containing poison gas. Does moderate damage to buildings, allowing the shell to fill the room behind a struck wall. A distinctive "gas escaping" sound plays when this shell is fired.
HE Low Velocity (Field Assault Package)
High explosive shell.
HE High Velocity (Standoff Assault Package)
High explosive shell fired with higher muzzle velocity.

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