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9M133 Kornet

The 9M133 Kornet in reality.

The 9M133 Kornet (Russian: Корнет) is a Russian anti-tank missile emplacement. It is a second generation ATGM intended to deal with main battle tanks and to engage slow and low flying helicopters, but is not intended to fully replace previous systems, due to the cost. It appears in Battlefield: Bad Company, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield Play4FreeBattlefield 3, and Battlefield 4 .

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit

In Battlefield: Bad Company's singleplayer, the 9M133 Kornet can occasionally be spotted in triggered events of the presence enemy armored vehicles, when the player must defend his own vehicles (in which case it is used by enemies) or when destruction must be used.

In multiplayer, almost all AT positions are mounted with Kornets; only a few have BGM-71 TOWs. They are normally placed in defensive, strategic positions in Rush and Conquest. They can destroy Light/Medium Land vehicles (Splash damage from the missile can also destroy Light Vehicles) and Boats with a single missile, but MBTs and APCs/IFVs will need 2 direct hits to their frontal armor or turret, but a direct hit on the side or rear armor will instantly destroy the vehicle. The Kornet's missile slightly deviates when near an enemy tank. Also, the missiles launched from the 9M133 are guided, so players can maneuver it toward a target rather than having to take aim at it.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

"Developed to replace older generations of ATGM the KORNET is a supersonic, Anti-Tank wire Guided Missile (ATGM) designed to destroy the most modern battle tanks. The system's secondary function is to engage low flying helicopters and UAV."
— In-game description

The 9M133 Kornet is seen in singleplayer in level Heavy Metal and in Sangre Del Toro, which is the only level that the Kornet is usable. In multiplayer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on most maps where Russians are defending (Arica Harbor, Isla Inocentes, etc.), being replaced by the American BGM-71 TOW on other maps. The Kornet follows the target the user is pointing at until the missile impacts, and the user is given a moderate zoom capability with the L1, or Left trigger. The Kornet is particularly useful over long ranges and for destroying helicopters because the missile can be guided, and has no drop like shoulder fired launchers. The missiles do relatively little damage to players and most damage is directed in front of where the missile impacts, thus it is advisable to land the missile in front of enemies rather than risking hitting behind them.

With the Alternate Weapon vehicle specialization, the 9M133 Kornet can be seen mounted on BMD-3s.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

While the 9M133 Kornet does not make an appearance as an emplaced weapon for the Russian Ground Forces, which instead the HJ-8 takes that role. The Kornet, however, can be equipped for the BTR-90 when using the TOW Missile System Training option.

Battlefield 3Edit

"The ʹKornetʹ is a Russian anti-tank guided missile, whose purpose is to rip holes on main battle tanks and similar vehicles, but also engage in slow and low-flying helicopters. It uses a reliable and simple-to-use system with laser beam guidance."
— Battlelog Description

The 9M133 Kornet returns as the Russian emplaced anti-armor weapon. It is typically seen in vehicle-heavy maps in Conquest mode, such as Caspian Border. Its US equivalent is once again the BGM-71 TOW.

The Kornet can be equipped on the BMP-2M and the BTR-90 via the ATGM Launcher specialization.

Battlefield 4Edit

The 9M133 Kornet Launcher is an emplacement featured in Battlefield 4, serving as the emplaced anti-tank weapon for the Russian Ground Forces. It is functionally identical to the American M220 TOW and Chinese HJ-8 Launcher.


  • With the Frostbite Engine and Destruction 2.0, the Kornet's AT Rockets are capable of causing minor ground deformation, as well as the destruction of buildings.
    • Occasionally, the missile impact will fail to make explosions, visually or audibly, causing destruction to appear to happen on its own.
  • In Battlefield 3, if aiming at a wall close to the Kornet, the wall will overlap its reticle.
  • In Battlefield 3, because of the wire-guided nature of the weapon, aiming the reticle while the missile is behind buildings or cover will make the missile itself spin out of control until it crashes on something or explodes.


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