Mephisto, the last surviving A7V tank

The A7V Sturmpanzerwagen (Armoured Assault Vehicle) was a tank introduced by the German Empire in 1918, during World War I. One hundred chassis were ordered in early 1917, ten to be finished as fighting vehicles with armored bodies, and the remainder as cargo carriers. The number to be armored was later increased to 20. They were used in action from March to October of that year, and were the only tanks produced by Germany in World War I to be used in combat.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

A7V Heavy Tank Icon
Vehicle passengers 4 (Breakthrough Package)
5 (Flamethrower Package)
6 (Assault Package)
Vehicle armor Heavy
Main weapon 57mm Cannon
Passenger weapon MG 08 machine gun
Package specific:
20mm Autocannon
Upgrades Assault Package (Default)
Breakthrough Package
Flamethrower Package
Vehicle speed Low
Vehicle maneuverability Low
Operators BF1 German Empire Icon German Empire

BF1 Austro-Hungarian Empire Icon Austria-Hungary
BF1 Ottoman Empire Icon Ottoman Empire
BF1 French Army Icon French Republic
BF1 United Kingdom Icon British Empire
BF1 Kingdom of Italy Icon Kingdom of Italy
BF1 United States Icon United States

This item has a Codex entry: The A7V Tank
"Nicknamed "The Moving Fortress", the A7V features thicker armor and a stronger engine than the Mark V. A forward-facing main cannon is bolstered by total machine gun coverage in every direction. The A7V is a formidable war machine."

— In-game description

The A7V is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 1, serving as a heavy tank. Gameplay of the vehicle first appeared at the official reveal event of the game.[2]


The A7V tanks appear in Through Mud and Blood, as a standard heavy tank of Imperial German Army. They have camouflage similiar to multiplayer "Alter Fritz" skin.


The A7V is a formidable ground vehicle with a full 180-degree coverage from its main gun and an additional 5 slots, utilizing a variety of modular weapons; This omnidirectional nature also makes it ideal for urban or anti-tank warfare.

It is also rather fast, ironic for a large armored fighting vehicle, with it being able to pick up speed when traveling in a straight line.

The ease of use of the A7V makes it a more difficult opponent but the only serious AT weapon is the front-facing main gun, which accommodates 6 shells. All weapon positions offer a fair range of elevation. The main gun and rear dual MGs (on two vehicle packages) are viable threats to aircraft.

The A7V features three Vehicle Packages: the Assault Package, the Breakthrough Package and the Flamethrower Package.




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