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For weapons of the same purpose, see Melee Weapon (Disambiguation)
Combat Knife

An example of a real life combat knife, a standard German Army issued KM2000

A Knife, or known primarily as a Combat Knife or Fighting Knife is a cutting weapon designed for military use, specifically for close combat; however, since the end of trench warfare, most military knives have been primarily designed for utility/tool use (clearing foliage, chopping branches for cover, opening ammunition crates, etc.).

Battlefield 1942

Also see Bayonet



Damage multipliers *8x head (32)
  • 4x body (16)
  • 2x legs (8)
Rate of fire 120
Special feature(s) Melee weapon

The Knife is an all-kit weapon featured in Battlefield 1942. The Allied and Axis knives have different models, but are identical in terms of function and stats.

Battlefield Vietnam

Combat Knife
Damage 4
Damage multipliers *8x head (32)
  • 4x body (16)
  • 2x legs (8)
Rate of fire 120
Special feature(s) Melee weapon

The Knife is an all-kit weapon featured in Battlefield Vietnam. The Knife retains the same statistics as the Battlefield 1942 variant but features a drastically different design, being much larger, and held with the blade down and to the side, rather than upright. The Axis knife was also redesigned into the Machete.

World War II mod

The BF 1942 models of the knife appear in the Battlefield Vietnam WWII mod, with an Allied knife issued to the US Marines and an Axis knife issued to the Imperial Japanese Army. The Knife retains the same statistics however.

Battlefield 2

Damage 100
Faction All
Kit All
"This standard issue combat knife is very deadly when used in hand-to-hand combat. Many soldiers have survived thanks to quick thinking and fast reflexes when they found themselves suddenly out of ammunition."
— In-game description

The Knife is an all-kit melee weapon featured in Battlefield 2. Unlike previous games, the Knife's model does not change between factions, and it can now kill in one hit. Offsetting its power is the fact that the player must be very close to the target for the attack to connect. As a result, the knife works best against unaware and stationary enemies, as mobile ones can be a challenge to deal with, especially if they have a ranged weapon drawn.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Combat Knife

MC randall

MC t95bayonet

Damage High, one-hit kill
Kit MC specops Special Ops

The Combat Knife is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and is only issued to the Special Ops kit. There are three faction specific knives, but they all perform identically, being an instant kill up close. USMC and EU soldiers are issued the Randall Model 15 Knife, the Type 95 Bayonet is issued to the PLA, and the Kukri is issued to the MEC. The knives are high damage stealth weapons, capable of killing enemies in one hit. Like in Battlefield 2, the player must be very close to land the attack, so they still remains most effective against unaware stationary enemies.

Battlefield 2142


2142 BJ-2

2142 Dogtagdagger

Damage 100
Faction All
Kit All

The BJ-2 Combat Knife is an all-kit weapon featured in Battlefield 2142. It functions identically to the Knife in Battlefield 2, killing with a single hit with a very small range, but it now awards the player with the victim's dogtag upon a successful kill.

After fifty kills with the knife, the player earns the Dogtagger Dagger, a knife replacement with a set of dogtags attached to the hilt. The weapon is a cosmetic replacement, and functions identically to the BJ-2.


Battlefield: Bad Company

BFBC Knife

A Russian Soldier wielding a Combat Knife.

The Kniv-1 is an all-kit weapon featured in Battlefield: Bad Company. It can be utilized to destroy fences or wooden objects as well as to obtain an enemy's dog tag. The weapon kills in a single hit, but takes two strikes to kill a team mate.

Battlefield Heroes

This Section is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.


The Knife is a weapon featured in Battlefield Heroes and is issued to the Commando class for both factions. Rather than bullet-like damage fixed on a crosshair, the knife inflicts splash-like damage, spread in an area in front of the wielder.

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The Katana is a melee weapon featured in Battlefield Heroes.

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2


A render of the knife

"Ideal for close quarters when the 'continuum of force' has been reduced to hand to hand combat. For optimum performance, the leading edge, 'pointy end', should be applied to the enemy and thrust into vital regions. This should be repeated as necessary."
— In-game description

The Combat Knife is a weapon featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


The knife is the first usable weapon in the game, and can be equipped on three occasions. The first time is after the opening cutscene of Operation Aurora where the player loses their Thompson, the player pulls out the knife and kills a Japanese guard with it. Soon after, the player receives a Type 100 and the combat knife can no longer be equipped as a standalone.

The second time is at the beginning of the mission Upriver, when the player must use the combat knife to quietly take out a sentry at an outpost overlooking a Bolivian Militia base without raising the alarm. The third time it is used is in the beginning of Airborne, where the player is equipped with a combat knife again, this time in order to kill a Russian soldier.

The player immediately picks up the soldier's AKS-74U, however, and can no longer equip the knife as a standalone weapon. Throughout most of the campaign, the player can only use the knife in an attack sequence.


The Combat Knife is the standard melee weapon, usable by all kits. When using the knife on an enemy within its range, roughly five feet, it will cause the player to lunge forward against the enemy and perform a stabbing attack. An attack without an enemy target will instead cause the player to slash with the knife.

It will kill an enemy player in a single strike but  the weapon can be heard when utilized as the player often yells and makes a distinct noise. Players can kill certain enemies in vehicles if they are in an exposed position.

The knife is also a useful tool for knocking away certain destructible barriers, such as windows, fences, barbed wire, wooden doors, wooden railings, and many other light physical barriers in the player's path.

When players knife an enemy player in the game, they receive that player's dogtag as an award. These appear as bronze, silver or golden dogtags, depending on the victim's rank, with their name written below them. There are also several awards related to knife kills which the player can acquire. The dogtags from all of a player's past victims can be viewed in the Main Menu, providing a running tally of how many individual dogtags players have acquired as well as player-specific ones.

Battlefield Play4Free

Knives are all-kit weapons featured in Battlefield Play4Free. They cannot be equipped, similar to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, performing a slash animation when used. The knife always results in a one hit kill, providing the player with the "Close Quarters Kill" bonus for 20 points.


Image Name Description Information Unlocked
3027 Combat Knife The Default Knife in Battlefield Play4Free Default
Khukri Blade Khukri Blade Rank 30

Battlefield 3

Knives are all-kit weapons featured in Battlefield 3, providing two ways to utilize them, the standard knife slash or the Knife Takedown method. The weapon can also be used in all three modes in the game (singleplayer, co-op, and multiplayer).

Knife attacks (whether quick or standard) can destroy chain link fences and window glass with a single blow, allowing passage through them (although there are some exceptions such as the Russian spawn building windows in Operation Metro).


Image Name Description Information Unlocked
Knife Battlelog Icon Knife Standard issue combat knife based on the M9 Bayonet, the Knife is capable of quick, clean, silent kills when approaching a target from behind and claiming the victim's Dogtags in the process. Slash attacks from the front can be lethal with multiple attacks, however they will not result in Dogtag trophies. Default
BF4 Machete Machete Utilized by Dimitri Mayakovsky. Only available in Singleplayer
Acb-90 ACB-90 Advanced Combat Blade model 90 is a heavy duty combat blade with a razor sharp edge, partly serrated and complete with a gut hook at its tip. This premium piece of equipment allows for quick, clean, silent kills when approaching a target from behind and claiming the victim's Dogtags in the process. Slash attacks from the front can be lethal with multiple attacks, however they will not result in Dogtag trophies. Permanently replaces the default knife Exclusive to Premium


Battlefield 4

Melee weapons are greatly expanded in variety in Battlefield 4, though they all function identically. Against infantry, knives now exclusively perform Knife Takedown attacks, with slashing attacks limited to destruction of enemy gadgets or obstacles. Takedowns can be performed at all angles including in water. Knife attacks from the front whilst standing can now be countered if the players hit the melee button within a period of time.

Battlefield 4 features a total of twenty-one knives, all featuring the same statistics and function, and each with its own kill count.


Image Name Description Information Unlocked
BF4 Knife Bayonet Bayonet Standard issue USMC M9 bayonet for melee combat. Use it in melee combat to steal enemy dogtags. Default
BF4 Shank Shank Improvised prison melee weapon to take down enemies in close quarters and steal their dogtags. An improvised prison shank. "Fang of the Underworld" assignment.
BF4 Machete Machete Dima's Spetsnaz Machete, take down an enemy with this melee weapon to steal their dog tags as a trophy. A Russian Spetsnaz Machete, as used by Dima in Battlefield 3. "A Trapped Wolf Will" assignment.
BF4 Knife ACB-90 ACB-90 Battlefield Veteran knife with added gut-hook to take out an enemy in melee and steal their dog tags. Veteran Battlepack
BF4 Knife Bowie Bowie A well-known fighting knife with a long blade sharpened on both sides near the tip. Use it to steal an opponent's dog tags, and clean the carcass afterwards. Battlepack item
BF4 Knife Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber Lightweight and quiet, use this sleek knife in melee combat to steal dog tags from your opponent. Battlefield Premium member
Bf4 knife scout Scout Traditional Swedish Scout knife in laminated steel. Can be used in the field to steal an enemy's dogtags. Battlepack item
Bf4 knife survival Survival Handy blade to have out in the battlefield. Use it in melee combat to steal the dogtags of your enemy. Battlepack item
Bf4 knife trench Trench Modern Trench Knife equipped with a knuckle duster style hand guard for stealing enemy dogtags. Premium Battlepack
BF4 Knife Boot Boot A short dagger carried inside a boot or strapped to a leg. This backup blade comes in handy opening a stubborn ration pack or relieving an enemy of his dog tags. Battlepack item (only with Second Assault)
BF4 Knife SEAL SEAL This knife has passed one of the most rigorous evaluation programs in the world. It can be relied upon to swiftly and cleanly steal enemy dog tags while retaining its razor sharp edge. Premium Battlepack
BF4 Knife Improvised Improvised Sometimes you need to make your own blade for when things get down and dirty. Utilize this make-shift weapon in melee to steal your enemy's dogtags. Battlepack item
BF4 Knife Dive Dive Crafted to withstand the harshness of the deep sea. An indispensable tool in any diver's kit. Use it in melee combat to steal your enemy's dogtags. Battlepack item (only with Naval Strike)
BF4 Knife Tactical Tactical The recurve design of this blade extends its cutting edge and adds extra bite when slicing through objects or stealing an enemy's dogtags. Battlepack item (only with Naval Strike)
BF4 Knife BJ-2 BJ-2 A knife designed for the battlefields of the future. That doesn't mean you have to wait to get your hands on it. Use it to steal your enemy's dogtags today! The BJ-2 Combat Knife from Battlefield 2142. Battlefield Premium member
BF4 Knife Precision Precision Machined from a single piece of steel, this lightweight dagger is a solid choice for stealing your enemy's dogtags. Battlefield Premium member
BF4 Knife Neck


A small knife usually carried in a sheath worn around the neck on a breakaway chain. Readily available and easy to deploy, use it to steal your enemy's dogtags. Battlepack item (only with Dragon's Teeth)
BF4 Tanto Tanto A heavy tanto style blade. The angled grip excels at puncturing hard targets. Use it to steal dog tags from your enemy. Battlepack item (only with Final Stand)
BF4 Weaver Weaver Forged using experimental 3D weave technology. Use it to steal an opponent's dog tags. Battlefield Premium Member
BF4 C100 C100 Your very own bipod knife, no bucket required. Rumored to be the favorite weapon of the greatest soldier on the battlefield.' Reference to the knife of "The Colonel 100" from the Battlefield Friends Machinima series Reach Rank 100
BF4 Icicle Icicle Replaces the default knife and is held until death. Respawns after a certain amount of time and awards the Cold Blooded trophy/achievement upon obtaining a kill. Battle Pickup, can be broken off of buildings on Final Stand maps.


Battlefield Hardline

See also Machete

Aside from numerous blunt weapons in Battlefield Hardline, the game also features ten different knives. Unlike past installments, they are not the default melee weapon and must be unlocked via Battlepacks in order to use. Each knife is also counted as a separate weapon from one another. The weapons themselves functions similar to its Battlefield 3 counterpart, allowing players to perform slash attacks on enemies for 75% damage per hit, as well as Knife Takedowns.


Image Name Description Information Unlocked
BFHL knife Knife A basic blade with a slicing edge and sharp point. $5,000
Boot Knife Boot A double-edged dagger that is small enough to carried inside of a boot or strapped to a leg. This backup blade can be drawn quickly in an emergency. Battlepack
Bowie Knife Bowie A fixed-blade fighting knife popularized in the 19th century, the Bowie knife has a large blade, crossguard, and a clip point. Battlepack
Carbon Fibre Knife Carbon Fiber Lightweight and very strong, this blade is the ideal tool when you need to cut and run. Battlepack
Scout Knife Scout A classic outdoor knife with a crossguard and a birchwood handle, with a stainless steel blade. Battlepack
Seal Knife Seal This knife has passed the requirements of one of the most specialized elite military groups in the world today. The fixed blade is 7" long and has a clip point. Battlepack
Survival Knife Survival A handy blade to have out in the streets. The serrated edge means it is quite capable of sawing through thick cables in a ropes in a hurry. Battlepack
Trench Knife Trench The modern trench knife is designed to kill or gravely incapacitate the enemy at close quarters. It has a knuckle-duster handguard to protect the user's hand. Battlepack
ACB-90 ACB-90 This tactical tool knife smashes, bashes, hammers, and cuts. Its equally powerful at smashing glass or cutting cord. Exclusive to Criminals Battlepack
Shank Shank An improvised stabbing weapon, often found in prisons in the hands of convicts. Exclusive to Criminals Battlepack


Battlefield Vietnam

  • The files for the ARVN and US military knives are the same as those used by the allies' knife in Battlefield 1942, with a different model. The axis combat knife still exists in the game files, but goes unused, replaced by the NVA and Viet Cong melee weapons.

Battlefield 2/Battlefield 2142

  • Bots will draw the Knife and attempt to stab the player if they get too close, and won't pull out another weapon until the player is dead or a significant distance away.

Battlefield 2142

  • Both the BJ-2 and Dogtagger Dagger are both made of titanium, according to the "TITANIUM BLADE" text on both knives.
  • The blade of the BJ-2 reads "DOGTAG FETCHER 88", suggesting this may have been its original name.
    • Likewise, the blade of the Dogtagger Dagger reads "DOGTAGGER DAGGER - M2000".
  • Although not directly visible in the viewmodel, the Dogtag Dagger's textures show that the dog tags on the knife belong to Demize99, the username of DICE gameplay designer Alan Kurtz.

Battlefield: Bad Company

  • It is possible to cut down small trees with the knife.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

  • This is the first Battlefield game where the player does not wield the knife as a weapon—it now functions more as a melee attack option. The player just uses the knife then puts it away instantly, returning to wielding the previously equipped item. The only exceptions of this are the beginnings of Operation Aurora and Airborne.
  • A glitch can occur when the player is climbing a ladder. If the player starts climbing in mid-slash, they will equip the knife after reaching the top.
  • An update reduced the lunge distance for the combat knife.
  • Occasionally, after slashing with the knife, the player character may hold their knife for a few seconds the same way as in the mission Operation: Aurora, usually during a small lag spike.

Battlefield 3

  • The takedown animations during alpha were considerably longer. DICE switched to shorter animations that incorporate the removal of the victim's dogtags, and keep the first-person view steadier so the player is more aware of their immediate surroundings.
  • Mortar users are immune to takedown attacks—vehicle operators cannot be taken down, and the mortar is considered a vehicle for gameplay purposes. It is possible to provoke the user into exiting the mortar, although there is a slight risk of being struck by an outbound smoke mortar (the regular HEDP mortar round does not inflict damage until it falls).
  • There is a glitch that occurs when performing a takedown on a victim looking downsight, where the victim's cutscene is shown in magnification equal to the optics on his gun.
  • A complicated glitch allows players to teleport to an arbitrary point above certain maps after performing a takedown, with enough height to safely parachute down.
  • The ACB-90 knife given to Battlefield Premium users is based on the United Cutlery M48 Kommando Survivor Knife.
  • Battlelog tracks knife swings under "shots fired".
  • It is possible to score a headshot with the quick knife attack, which can kill an enemy with full health.
  • If caught in a takedown from certain angles, it is possible to counter the attempt with a Quick Knife attack. Certain animations will place the attacker's body in the victim's crosshairs, allowing the victim's knife attack to kill the attacker if already weakened below 50 health. A few of these even hit the attacker's head, permitting a headshot (2× 50 damage). Takedowns from behind cannot be countered, nor can takedowns on crouching victims.[1]
  • It is possible to score a simultaneous double kill with the knife.[2] This may either be a case of latency causing both enemies to be caught in a takedown, or the "shot" from the takedown on one enemy also striking the second enemy.
  • Due to latency, it is possible to stab somebody and die during a specific frame, granting the person a suicide with the Knife.

Battlefield 4

  • In the singleplayer, the Bayonet knife is standard throughout nearly all missions, only replaced once with a Shank given by Dima to Recker in Kunlun Mountains.
  • The HUD animates the display of dog tags taken from enemies.
  • Players cannot counter knife if they are prone when a front knife takedown is performed on them.
  • Players who are operating equipment (Ex: mortar, SUAV, EOD bot) can not have knife takedowns preformed on them.
  • Sometimes when a player attacks from the front with a knife, it will play a side knife animation. This can still counter this and it will result in the front counter animation.
  • The description of every knife except the C100 references the ability to steal enemies' dogtags.
  • The C100 knife is a reference to the "Colonel 100" in the popular machinma series Battlefield Friends. In the episode TUGS Life, the Colonel 100 unlocks a bipod for his default combat knife. "Shit bucket" is also a popular phrase of the series referencing Colonel 100's that have "no lives"

Battlefield 4: Countdown to War

  • Kovic attempts to kill Tsu with a shank, but fails, with the result of the weapon falling off the mountain they're on.
  • Irish gives Kovic a KA-BAR knife during the latter's extraction from the Zhi Yu tower.


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