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Two ACH-47As in reality

The Boeing ACH-47 Chinook (nicknamed Guns A Go-Go) is a variation of the widely used CH-47 Chinook helicopter. Originally converted to gunships in 1965, three were assigned for testing to the Vietnam War. All scrapped by 1968, later Chinook variations have seen combat, and are still in service, around the world.

Battlefield VietnamEdit

The ACH-47 is a vehicle featured in Battlefield Vietnam, operated by the United States Army and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. It can transport up to 6 players and is heavily armed with a wide range of weaponry, ranging from light machine guns to rocket pods. The Chinook can also airlift any US vehicle, such as the M551 Sheridan or the M151 MUTT. It also has the ability to land and operate from the surface of the water.



Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Edit

The CH-47 Chinook makes a brief appearance in the campaign mode of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. It is parked in the main hangar of the Almaty airfield, and can be seen during the Almaty Region NATO missions where the airfield is accessible, namely Air Traffic Control and Rolling Thunder. The Chinook is never usable by the player.


Battlefield VietnamEdit

  • There's a glitch that makes it possible to run up to a Chinook that is taking off and throw a grenade in the back. The grenade will go all the way to the front of the crew compartment, and the force of the explosion will go through the doors separating the crew compartment from the cockpit, killing the pilots and causing the Chinook to crash.