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800px-PEO Trijicon M150 RCO

A real-life ACOG. (TA31RCO variant)

The ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) is a series of magnified weapon scopes made by the American company Trijicon. Their scopes commonly offer a magnification of 4x, meaning anything viewed down the scope will be four times bigger than when viewed normally. Usually, ACOG scopes utilize luminescent materials such as Tritium or optical fibers to improve aiming and target acquisition. The ACOG series of weapon scopes is used by the US Armed Forces, as well as parts of other nations' armies such as the British Armed Forces.

Battlefield 3Edit

"The Advanced Combat Optic Gunsight is a medium speed, medium range scope which magnifies at 4x. A Ballistic reticle makes gauging bullet drop at longer ranges easier."

— Battlelog description

The ACOG was first seen in the Fault Line Gameplay Trailer on an M4 Carbine. It has been remodeled since the reveal, as it now has a red dot in the center of the reticle. The outside of the scope has also been remodeled, with the fiber optic visible on top, and the rear iron sight removed.


The ACOG is commonly attached to starting weapons such as the SCAR-H in Operation Guillotine. It can also be found on many weapons dropped throughout the campaign such as the F2000s in Night Shift. It gives the player an advantage of longer range targeting in aiming down the sights, but unfortunately the magnified recoil makes it unsuitable for accurate automatic fire.


The ACOG is attached to the M16A3 (Player 1's starting weapon) in Operation Exodus and the M4A1 (starting weapon for both players) in The Eleventh Hour.


The ACOG is a 4× scope like its Russian counterpart, the PSO-1. Unlike the default 8x Rifle Scope, the ACOG does not suffer from scope glint and does not need to be steadied but does have noticeable sway and recoil compared to low power optics like the Holographic sight.


Battlefield 4Edit

BF4 Engineer Icon
This Section is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.
BF4 acog
Slot Optics
Unlocked at 10 kills (US DMRs)

30 kills (US/EU Sniper Rifles)
50 kills (US/EU Assault Rifles & Shotguns)
120 kills (US/EU PDWs & LMGs)
130 kills (US/EU Carbines) Battlepacks

Magnification 4X
"Advanced Combat Optic Gunsight medium speed and medium range scope which magnifies at 4x."

— Battlelog description

The ACOG (4X) appears in Battlefield 4 as a primary weapon optic. It is the American equivalent of the Russian PSO-1 (4X) and the Chinese JGM-4 (4X).


The ACOG, along with the other two 4x scopes, only appear on Designated Marksman Rifles. The ACOG appears as an attachment for the Mk11 Mod 0, M39 EMR, RFB, and SCAR-H SV.


The ACOG is unlocked for American and European primary weapons through progression and is unlocked through Battlepacks for all other primary weapons. It is the first optic unlocked for American DMRs, requiring only ten kills.


Battlefield HardlineEdit

BF4 Engineer Icon
This Section is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.
Slot Optics

The ACOG (4x) appears in Battlefield Hardline as a primary weapon optic. Unlike previous Battlefield games, the ACOG now uses a small red ring as its reticle.  



  • In Battlefield 3, when the ACOG is not aimed, the chevron can still be seen. This is most notable when the weapon is centered with the bipod.
  • In Battlefield 3, The ACOG reticle (like most others) lacks range finding details. The horizontal lines on a real ACOG will represent roughly the shoulder width of a man at respective ranges, shown here.

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