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For the compact variant, see AKS-74u

An AK-74 in real life

The AK-74, or Avtomat Kalashnikova-1974 (Russian: Автомат Калашникова-1974), is a Soviet assault rifle designed in 1974 by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It is an improved version of the AK-47, and was the standard assault rifle of the Soviet armed forces from 1974 to 1991, and is still the standard rifle for Russia and many other post-Soviet states. It uses the higher velocity, smaller, more lethal, and more accurate 5.45x39mm round. The AK-74 is accurate and effective out to 500 meters. It uses a standard 30-round, curved magazine typical of most assault rifles. It can also use a 45-round box magazine from the RPK-74 and all newer 60-round casket magazines, or a 100 round drum. Many types of optics can be fitted, as well as a GP-25 or GP-30 grenade launcher, a knife bayonet, and other accessories.

Battlefield HeroesEdit

This section is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.
AK74 Icon BFH
Damage * Close range - 9-15
  • Medium range - 7-9
  • Long range - 3-11
Damage multipliers *Critical - +15 damage (4% chance)
Magazine size 45 rounds
Reload time 2 seconds
Rate of fire 450 rounds per minute
Range Short
Firemodes Automatic
Faction National Army FlagNational Army
Royal Army FlagRoyal Army (stolen)
Kit Soldier
Sound(s) Firing the AK74

The AK-74 is available for purchase in Battlefield Heroes to players using the soldier class of the National Army. The Royal Army counterpart is the M16.

Tier 1 AK74Edit

Released as part of the Battlefield Heroes goes Tier 1 event, the Tier 1 AK74 is the long-range variant of the AK74. The Tier 1 AK74, while having an attached scope and bayonet, cannot use either attachment, as these are purely for aesthetic purposes only.

Specialist's Tier 1 AK-74
Specialist AK74
Damage * Close range - 4-7
  • Medium range - 11-14
  • Long range - 15-20
Damage multipliers *Critical - +15 damage (10% chance)
Magazine size 30 rounds
Reload time 2 seconds
Rate of fire 200 rounds per minute
Range Long
Firemodes Automatic
Faction National Army FlagNational Army

SOF AK74Edit

Scoped SOF AK74
Damage * Close range - 5-9
  • Medium range - 8-12
  • Long range - 5-9
Damage multipliers *Critical - +15 damage (4% chance)
Magazine size 35 rounds
Reload time 2 seconds
Rate of fire 300 rounds per minute
Range Moderate
Firemodes Automatic
Special feature(s) Zoomable scope

As a part of the Battlefield Heroes Christmas event, the SOF AK74was released on December 2, 2010 for purchase through the in-game store. It features a winter camouflaged AK74 with a usable scope.

AK74-30 Battle RifleEdit

AK74-30 Battle Rifle
BFH AK74-30 Battle Rifle ICON
Damage Short range 9-6

Medium range 11-8
Long range 8-5

Magazine size 36 rounds
Reload time 3 seconds
Rate of fire 500 rounds per minute
Range Short range 0-18m

Medium range 18-23m
Long range 23m+

Recoil Moderate
Firemodes 3-round burst
Faction National Army Flag National Army
Kit Soldier
Source of statistics Battlefield Heroes game files
BFH - Range Test M16-203 AK74-3001:24

BFH - Range Test M16-203 AK74-30

Battlefield 3Edit

Unlocked at Default weapon (RU Assault)
220,000 Assault score (US Assault)
Damage 25 - 18.4
Suppression 7.0%
Magazine size 30 + 1 rounds
Ammunition 5.45x39mm WP
Starting ammunition 124 + 31 rounds
Maximum ammunition 372 + 31 rounds (SP)
217 + 31 rounds (MP)
Reload time 2.1 seconds loaded
3.1 seconds empty
Rate of fire 650 RPM
Velocity 600m/s
Range Battlefield 3 AN-94 Range
Maximum range 900m
Recoil 0.28 up
0.2 left
0.3 right
First shot recoil multiplier 1.5x
Recoil descrease per second 18
Spread zoomed 0.2 (static) 1.0 (moving)
Spread unzoomed Standing: 2.5 (static) 3 (moving)
Crouching: 2 (static) 2.5 (moving)
Prone: 1.5 (static) 2.5 (moving)
Spread increase per bullet 0.1
Spread decrease per second 15
Firemodes Full-automatic
Faction Flag of Russia Russian Ground Forces (MP)
Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps (MP, 220,000 Assault score)
People's Liberation and Resistance (SP)
Kit BF3 Assault Icon Assault
Dogtag(s) Proficiency


Source of statistics [1]Retrived Sept. 25th
Inventory slot Main weapon
Unlocks PSO-1 (10 kills)
Heavy Barrel (20 kills)
Foregrip (30 kills)
Tactical Light (40 kills)
Kobra (50 kills)
Bipod (60 kills)
Suppressor (70 kills)
PKA-S (80 kills)
Laser Sight (90 kills)
IRNV (100 kills)
PKS-07 (125 kills)
PK-A (150 kills)
Flash Suppressor (175 kills)
ACOG (200 kills)
Reflex (235 kills)
Holographic (270 kills)
Rifle Scope (300 kills)
M145 MGO (350 kills)
"The AK-74M is the latest modernized version of the classic AK-47. Fielded as the standard Assault Rifle by the Russian Army, the M variant includes a side folding polymer stock and a scope mount rail on the left side of the weapon. Recent developments allow the AK series of weapons to field many of the accessories typically seen on Western guns. The AK-74M is a reliable and rugged medium range weapon."
— Battlelog description


The AK-74M is a common weapon for the PLR outside of Iran. It is less prevalent than its cousin, the AKS-74u, but is still very common. It, and the AKS-74u, are largely offset by the KH2002 during the missions taking place in Iran.


The AK-74M is a weapon commonly used by enemies in most of the co-op campaign. It can be found in most missions besides Fire From The Sky and Hit And Run.


The AK-74M is the standard assault rifle of the Russian Ground Forces' Assault kit, filling the same role as the United States Marine Corps' M16A3. Although it is initially locked for the USMC team, it can later be unlocked for use when 220,000 assault points are accumulated.

Like the M16A3, the AK-74M is capable of firing in both fully automatic and semi automatic modes. It has slightly more vertical recoil than the M16A3, but also has less first shot recoil. This lower first shot recoil, combined with its lower fire rate, makes the AK-74M easier to handle controlled bursts at range when compared to the M16A3. Its open sights provide a clear view of the target which also adds to its ease of use in controlled bursts.

Battlefield 3: AftershockEdit

The AK-74M appears as one of the four selectable primary weapons in Battlefield 3: Aftershock. The gun holds 40 rounds per magazine and has a total ammo count of 160 rounds.


  • In Battlefield 3, the AK-74 Proficiency Dog tag shows the weapon with an attached GP-30.
  • This weapon shares its reload animation with the M39 EMR, SVD, AS Val, and SKS.
  • The AK-74M is the only Russian weapon in Battlefield 3 that is able to mount the M26 MASS on its underslung rail.
  • Despite the battlelog description, the weapon in is incorrectly depicted with a fixed stock instead of a side-folding stock like its counterpart in real life

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