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The AK-12U in reality.

The AK-12U, referred to as AKU-12 in-game, is the carbine variant of the AK-12 assault rifle.

Battlefield 4Edit

Bf4 aku12
Damage 25 - 15.4
Magazine size 30 + 1
Ammunition 5.45x39 WP
Starting ammunition 124 + 31
Rate of fire 680 RPM

750 RPM (Burst)

Range Carbine range
Firemodes Fully Automatic
Kit All Kits
Inventory slot Primary Weapon
Unlocks Kobra (RDS) (10 kills)
Laser sight (20 kills)
Ergo Grip (30 kills)
Muzzle Brake (40 kills)
PKA-S (1x) (50 kills)
Magnifier (2x) (60 kills)
Stubby Grip (70 kills)
Suppressor (80 kills)
PK-A (3.4x) (90 kills)
Canted Ironsights (100 kills)
Angled Grip (110 kills)
Heavy Barrel (120 kills)
PSO-1 (4x) (130 kills)
Flash Light (140 kills)
Bipod (150 kills)
Compensator (160 kills)

The AKU-12 is an unlockable carbine in Battlefield 4. It acts very similarly to the AK-12 assault rifle, having less range and accuracy, but having greater hip fire accuracy. It also has a unique feature in which burst fire yields a higher RPM. The recoil is also extremely low, with the gun gently pulling to the right.

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