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The Anti-Personnel Mine is a fictional explosive featured only in Battlefield 2142. It functions similarly to the Claymore of previous installments in the series.

Battlefield 2142Edit

In Battlefield 2142, the APM (Anti-Personel Mine) is an unlockable gadget for the Recon Kit. When tripped, it produces a fan-shaped explosion that is highly lethal to infantry. Crouching or going prone will not trip the mine.

Recon soldiers can carry two spare APMs at any one time, but can also have two active APMs deployed in the field. Like other explosive weapons in 2142, APMs can be picked up by fellow Recon soldiers, adding it to their own stock if they do not already have a full set.

APMs can be set off by passing ground vehicles, though only Fast Attack Vehicles or the Type-36 Hachimoto may receive significant damage. Like all explosive weapons in 2142, APMs can only be destroyed by another explosive weapon, or by the Zeller-H Advanced Sniper Rifle. The AE-Defuser can be used to disarm an APM.

On friendly fire-off servers, because mines cannot be spotted (via the Spotting system) nor distinguished, a clever recon soldier can place APMs pointing towards their own team, catching by surprise defenders who mistake them for APMs placed by teammates.


  • In extremely rare cases, it is possible for an APM victim to receive less-than-lethal damage, though escaping with only minimal health.

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