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An ARX-160 with an optic attached.

The ARX-160 is a modern assault rifle manufactured by Beretta. The ARX-160 is chambered for the standard 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, although it can be easily converted to use other cartridges due to its modular design. It is currently supplementing the older AR-70/90 series rifles in the Italian Armed Forces.

Battlefield 4Edit

BF4 AR-160
Damage 24-18
Magazine size 30+1 rounds
Ammunition 5.56x45mm NATO
Starting ammunition 124+31 rounds
Rate of fire 700 rpm
Velocity 650 m/s
380 m/s (suppressed)
Range AR range
Maximum range 975 m
Recoil 0.23 up
0.23 left
0.23 right
First shot recoil multiplier 1.6x
Recoil descrease per second 18
Spread zoomed 0.2 (static)
1 (moving)
Spread unzoomed 3 hip, 2.5 crouch, 2 prone (static)
3.5 hip, 3 crouch, 2.5 prone (moving)
Spread increase per bullet 0.091
Spread decrease per second 15
Kit BF4 Assault Icon Assault
Dogtag(s) BF4 AR-160 Master Dog Tag
Inventory slot Primary weapon
Unlocks Reflex (RDS) (10 kills)
Laser sight (20 kills)
Ergo Grip (30 kills)
Muzzle Brake (40 kills)
ACOG (4x) (50 kills)
Canted Ironsights (60 kills)
Angled Grip (70 kills)
Heavy Barrel (80 kills)
M145 (3.4x) (90 kills)
Flash Light (100 kills)
Bipod (110 kills)
Compensator (120 kills)
Holo (1x) (130 kills)
Magnifier (2x) (140 kills)
Stubby Grip (150 kills)
Suppressor (160 kills)
"Italian assault rifle developed for the Future Soldier program with a modular design and high fire rate."
— In-game description

Only available in multiplayer, the AR-160 is an Assault Rifle introduced in the Battlefield 4: Naval Strike expansion. It is unlocked upon completion of the Spare Time Sniper assignment.

The AR-160 functions similarly to the CZ-805 but possess more vertical recoil, a slightly faster tactical reload and a faster muzzle velocity. Despite this, it has a slower empty reload than the CZ-805. The AR-160 is best used for medium-range engagements, ideally using short ranged optics with a Magnifier combination or utilizing a medium range scope and Canted Ironsights. The use of the Angled or Folding grips with the use of a Heavy Barrel help to stabilize the weapon over longer ranges while the Ergo Grip helps with the weapon in close quarters.

Before the Fall patch, the AR-160 has the same recoil profile as SCAR-H, this means the AR-160 is as uncontrollable as other 7.62x51mm NATO weaponry during automatic fire.

After the Fall patch, the AR-160 is now much more useful, being the second-lowest vertical recoil assault rifle in the game, after SAR-21. In addition, suppressed muzzle velocity has been increased to 380 m/s.



  • Due to a bug, the AR-160 third-person weapon model appears much smaller than normal. A similar issue affects the SR338.
  • When using an underslung grenade launcher or the M26, the first person view may change to a point of view where the weapon is held over the player's head.
  • Along with the other weapons of the first three expansions for Battlefield 4, the AR160 actually has an in-game description, but it can only be viewed when the weapon is unlocked at the end of a round or if it is equipped in a gadget slot using external tools.

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