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AT Rocket Gun IRL
The 1.59 Inch Breech-Loading Vickers Q.F. Gun Mk.II was a light artillery piece used by the British during World War I. Introduced in 1917, the mounted weapon was designed to be utilized by men in trenches to attack pillboxes, machine gun nests and destroy barbed wire emplacements. Despite its nickname, the Vickers-Crayford rocket gun only had the capability to fire shells, not rockets.

Battlefield 1Edit

The AT Rocket Gun is a gadget issued to the Assault class in Battlefield 1. The weapon can only be fired from its bipod, automatically deployed when prone or when against a surface.

It inflicts moderate damage against armor from considerable range, although it leaves the user somewhat vulnerable compared to other anti-tank weapons in the series. Due to its pedestal mount and slow muzzle velocity, it is ill-suited to attacking aircraft, but can nonetheless be aimed upward from certain surfaces.

The user must aim carefully to strike armor at a solid angle. Glancing hits will ricochet with no harm done to the intended target, where other AT weapons might instead inflict minimum damage.[1]

The shell fired from the AT Rocket Gun does not appear to inflict any splash damage (including against the user up close), although the user can still suffer from blast damage from destroyed vehicles.



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