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The AWS in real life.

The Ares Defense Shrike 5.56 is an air-cooled, dual-feed light machine gun that fires the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge.

Battlefield 4Edit

Damage 25 - 18.4
Magazine size 99 + 1
Ammunition 5.56x45mm NATO
Rate of fire 800 RPM
Range LMG Range
Firemodes Fully Automatic
Kit BF4 Support Icon Support
Dogtag(s) BF4 AWS Master Dog Tag
Unlocks Holo (1x) (10 kills)
Magnifier (2x) (20 kills)
Muzzle Brake (30 kills)
Stubby Grip (40 kills)
M145 (3.4x) (50 kills)
Laser Sight (60 kills)
Compensator (70 kills)
Reflex (RDS) (80 kills)
Flash Light (90 kills)
Ergo Grip (100 kills)
Suppressor (110 kills)
ACOG (4x) (120 kills)
Angled Grip (130 kills)
Heavy Barrel (140 kills)

The AWS is an LMG introduced in the Battlefield 4: Naval Strike expansion. It is unlocked upon completion of the Swiss Cheese assignment. It has a high rate-of-fire, low recoil and average damage, with a capacity of 99+1 rounds.

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