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The production model Airrow 8 Stealth in realty

The Airrow Stealth 8S1P, also known as the A-8S, is an American pneumatic air gun manufactured by Swivel Machine Works, Inc. The A-8S fires arrows like those used with Crossbows and Compound Bows, but does so at about twice the velocity, being powered by C02 cylinders instead of conventional pulley systems. The A-8S has a variety of uses, ranging from hunting, grapple launching, and anti-personnel use. Various military forces are rumored to have taken interest in the rifle early-on in its development, but it is unclear if it was ever used in a military operation.

The modern version of the A-8S is based off the aesthetic design of the M16/AR-15 rifle, while older models appeared more like a conventional airgun but were capable of mounting various optics. An early model A-8S appears in Battlefield Hardline, released with the Betrayal expansion.

Battlefield Hardline Edit

The A 8S is an all class weapon included in Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal. The A 8S is a pneumatic air gun that fires arrows instead of bullets, which allows the weapon to kill in a single hit. However, the A 8S can only fire one arrow at a time and has a lengthy reload, and the arrows themselves, while having a high velocity, have a short range, mostly limiting the weapon to close and medium ranges.

The air rifle is permanently equipped with a Comp M4S sight, and has no other accessories except for its selectable Paint.



  • The A-8S in game being modeled after an older model of the gun is a reference to its appearance in the 1993 film Hard Target, where it is prominently used by one of the villains in the film. [1]

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