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"An armor upgrade package that enhances a vehicle's resistance to anti-armor munitions. This upgrade helps decrease the effects and damage of otherwise lethal hits."
— In-game description

The Active Armor Upgrade is a vehicle specialization featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and is obtained after acquiring 2300 experience points with any vehicle or emplacement.

Armor spec

The Active Armor Upgrade's icon as it appears in-game.

The Active Armor Upgrade reduces the damage taken by 25%, and is a passive specialization, meaning that it does not require user input to activate as it will always be activated the instant a player uses a vehicle or emplacement and will deactivate upon leaving unless another player in the vehicle has the same specialization.

The upgrade is best used as a driver of a transport vehicle such as a HMMWV, a PBL, or a UH-60 Black Hawk, as they are generally weaker targets and can be taken out with one hit by a rocket or tank shell.

Active Armor Upgrade is canceled out by Improved Warheads Package and Improved Demolitions.


  • Although the game description states that the Active Armor Upgrade increases armor, it actually reduces all damage taken.

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