BF1 Check green

BFP4F Adrenaline Shot Render

Render of the Adrenaline Shot.

The adrenaline shot is a gadget featured in Battlefield Play4Free. It restores an amount of health. It costs 225 PF4 Credits for 5 uses, 90 P4F Funds for 50 uses, and 165 P4F Funds for 100 uses. It is similar in purpose to the medkit and Field bandages. However, the effect is instantaneous rather than gradual, making it better for healing in-combat than the other two healing gadgets. Without the improved health skill unlocked from the training menu, a single adrenaline shot has the potential to heal 50HP, and has a cooldown timer of 60 seconds, which does not reset by dying.

Advanced Adrenaline ShotEdit


Render of the Advanced Adrenaline Shot

The advanced adrenaline shot is a variant that heals 60HP instantly with a 65 second cooldown.

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