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This article is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.

An Air-Burst Missile is an artillery weapon designed to detonate in the air, instead of on contact with the ground or target or a delayed armor piercing explosion. Such a weapon is more effective against targets in the open than a contact-fuzed weapon, as more fragmentation can be placed on targets, not the ground.

Battlefield 3Edit

Air-Burst Missile
Airburst Battlelog Icon

Mobile Artillery

Special Feature(s)

• Increased capability against infantry

Unlocked At

Complete the Rocket Specialist assignment

Customization Slot


"Air-burst missiles are added which will explode over ground for maximum effect against infantry."
— Battlelog Description

Air-Burst Missiles are available for use by Mobile Artillery vehicles, unlocked via the Rocket Specialist assignment. The secondary armament is swapped out for two air-burst missiles, with a reload time of five seconds. The missiles otherwise have the same properties as the standard rockets, but have no splash indicator. They have a 4-5 meters of radius mortal area, which instantly kills everyone in the area. They possess a bigger explosion than the standard rockets.

As implied by the Battlelog description, these missiles are less effective against armor or structures. A quirk of the weapon—due to game design—is that it must actually impact a surface, after which an airburst will occur slightly behind.

Battlefield 4Edit

"A rocket that explodes mid-air. Effective against infantry and light armor."
— Battlelog Description

Zuni Air-Burst Rockets is a vehicle specialization set to be featured in Battlefield 4. Available to both Fast Attack Craft and Mobile Anti Air units, it functions similar to its counterpart in Battlefield 3 allowing AOE attackes against ground forces. 

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