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Battlefield 1Edit

Airship Buster Attack Plane
Airship Buster Package Icon
Special features Speed Boost
Main weapon TuF HMG ×1
Main weapon damage 32
Main weapon rate of fire 380 RPM
Main weapon firemode Automatic
Secondary weapon Explosive Rockets
Secondary weapon damage 100 impact + 34 blast (2m)
Secondary weapon firemode Single fire
Secondary weapon ammunition per reload 8 rockets

The Airship Buster Package is an unlockable vehicle package for Attack Planes in Battlefield 1.

While virtually the same as the Fighter's Bomber Killer Package, the default autocannon is replaced by a single TuF HMG, and a set of eight Explosive Rockets, unlike the Fighter's six, which offers additional firepower.

The TuF HMG lacks bullet drop and almost twice the velocity of the 20mm autocannon but less stopping power against soft targets. Its rockets however can cause 34 blast damage out to 2 meters, and an additional 100 damage on a direct hit.

Much to its namesake, the package is ideal for when the L30 Airship is deployed on the map and enemy bombers, with the rockets causing the most damage against both but the machine gun can be used to pick off defenders.

The Speed Boost also gives the plane the ability to close the gap during pursuit, effecting a quick escape, or gain some distance when setting up an attack run. As of the May Update, Speed Boost also increases the attack plane's maneuverability, allowing it to out-turn all but a fighter plane also using Speed Boost.

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