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The Albatros D.III was a biplane fighter aircraft used by the Imperial German Army Air Service (Luftstreitkräfte) and the Austro-Hungarian Air Service (Luftfahrtruppen) during World War I. The D.III was flown by many top German aces, including Wilhelm Frankl, Erich Löwenhardt, Manfred von Richthofen, Karl Emil Schäfer, Ernst Udet, and Kurt Wolff. It was the preeminent fighter during the period of German aerial dominance known as "Bloody April" 1917.

Battlefield 1Edit

Albatros D.III
Albatross DIII Icon
Vehicle passengers 1 pilot
Vehicle armor None
Upgrades Dogfighter Package (Default)
Bomber Killer Package
Trench Fighter Package
Vehicle speed High
Vehicle maneuverability High
Operators BF1 Austro-Hungarian Empire Icon Austro-Hungarian Empire
BF1 Ottoman Empire Icon Ottoman Empire
This item has a Codex entry: Albatros D. III

The Albatros D.III is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 1 as Austria-Hungary's and Ottoman Empire's fighter aircraft.

Several Austro-Hungarian Albatros fighters appear in the Singleplayer level "Avanti Savoia!", escorting Gotha G.IV bombers, ordered to kill Matteo's team. At the end of "O la Vittoria", after demolishing a mountainside, one damaged Albatros crashes into Luca's AA gun position, nearly killing him.

In Multiplayer, the Albatros D.III appears as the fighter plane of Austria-Hungary and Ottoman Empire.


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