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Battlefield 1 Icon Battlefield 1

Part of the

World War I


BF1 German Empire Icon German Empire vs. BF1 United Kingdom Icon British Empire


August 8 - 12, 1918


East of Amiens, Picardy, France


Ruins, Urban


Team Deathmatch
War Pigeons
Operations (Kaiserschlacht - Map 2)

Amiens is a map that appears in Battlefield 1.[1] The map is set during the Battle of Amiens in 1918, which began the Allies' Hundred Days Offensive which would eventually lead to the end of World War I. The map features the United Kingdom and German Empire factions opposing one another.


Amiens is an uncommonly dense and expansive urban map. Buildings fairly resemble those seen in Seine Crossing from Battlefield 3, while the map layout echoes Bridge at Remagen from Battlefield 2142. The level of existing destruction is similar to the Battlefield 3: Aftermath expansion. Although aircraft are not available to either team, various planes will pass overhead throughout the battle, while barrage balloons can help with map orientation.

Notre-Dame d'Amiens cathedral and the Parc Saint-Pierre may occasionally be seen in the distance.


The Behemoth is the Armored Train. It runs underneath two bridges, dividing the map diagonally into two sections.

Control PointsEdit

Control Point Conquest Domination Rush Operations
Howitzer Battery A B
Plaza Ruin B C
West Bridge C
East Bridge D
Back Alley E 3B
Place Longueville F 4B
Railway Passage 1A
Parish Ruin 1B
Machine Gun Flat 2A
Pont Neuf Square A 2B
Command Post 3A
Depot 3C
Train Yard 4A




British Empire DeploymentEdit

German Empire DeploymentEdit


Howitzer BatteryEdit

Plaza RuinEdit

West BridgeEdit

East BridgeEdit

Back AlleyEdit

Place LonguevilleEdit




Amiens is the second and last map of the Kaiserschlacht in Operations The German Empire attacks the defending British Empire from the southeast.

Sector 1Edit

Battle commences in a heavily demolished part of town, following an artillery bombardment.

Sector 2Edit

British forces retreat west into partially standing structures near the railway.

Sector 3Edit

German forces advance across the railway into more open sections of the city. They have three objectives to capture in this sector.

Sector 4Edit

The penultimate objectives of the operation are the Train Yard and adjacent Place Longueville, which will allow the Germans to supply further attacks into French territory.


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