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Artillery Truck IRL

A Pierce-Arrow Armoured Lorry with a 2-Pounder Anti-Aircraft gun.

The Pierce-Arrow Anti-Aircraft Armoured Lorry was a mobile artillery vehicle produced by Wolseley Motors Ltd. of Great Britain. A Vickers Naval 2-pounder Mk II "Pom Pom" automatic gun was mated to a 5-ton truck provided by Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company of America, and enhanced with up to 7.5mm of armor. A Maxim gun could be fitted at various points along the body, including the co-driver's armored shutter. Forty-eight of these vehicles were produced in 1914 for the Royal Marine Artillery.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

Artillery Truck (common)
Vehicle passengers 1 tanker
Vehicle armor Heavy
Main weapon Maxim MG
Vehicle speed Moderate
Vehicle maneuverability Moderate
Armored Artillery Truck
Secondary weapon Field gun
Secondary weapon ammunition per reload 6 shells
Countermeasures Emergency Repair
AT Mine
Armored Anti-Aircraft Truck
Secondary weapon Anti-aircraft gun
Secondary weapon rate of fire 240 rounds/minute
Secondary weapon ammunition per reload 4 seconds of fire
Countermeasures Emergency Repair
Armored Mortar Truck
Secondary weapon Mortar
Secondary weapon reload time • Airburst: 5 seconds

• HE: 10 seconds • Gas: 30 seconds

Secondary weapon ammunition per reload • Airburst: 1 shell (4 total)

• HE: 1 shell • Gas: 1 shell

"A fast formidable versatile but weakly armored gun platform serving many different roles in the Great War. The driver has a defensive machine gun that can be used when parked."
— In-game description

The Armored Artillery Truck is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 1. It was first seen during the "Battlefield 1 Gameplay Series: Vehicles" trailer.

Intended for long range bombardment, it is operated by a single player. The driver may freely switch between a machine gun mounted on the front of the vehicle (usable while driving), and an artillery piece in the rear bed. The Artillery variant appears to use a QF 13-pounder 9 cwt gun, while the Anti-Aircraft uses the QF 1—the performance of these guns is comparable to the FK 96 and QF 1 AA base emplacements. A third Mortar variant uses a medium mortar. Although the artillery piece appears to be in an exposed position in the truck bed, the operator remains safe inside the armored cab.

The artillery and anti-aircraft loadouts have the ability to quickly repair the vehicle if disabled, and to lay anti-tank mines or smokescreen. The mortar package does not have these features, instead carrying multiple types of ammunition: Airburst shells for attacking exposed infantry, a high-explosive shell for vehicles and buildings, and gas for area denial.

Though heavily armored, the truck does not have as much health as the various tanks, and will be outmatched at near range. The vehicle's long wheelbase can also cause it to get stuck in unforgiving terrain such as trenches.



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