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Assault Rifles

An assault rifle is a rifle capable of automatic fire with an intermediate cartridge from a detachable box magazine. Its cartridge falls in between the low power ammunition used in Pistols, Submachine Guns, and high power rifle ammunition used in Battle Rifles and many Sniper Rifles, allowing for more controllable recoil while still maintaining an effective range of several hundred meters.

Assault rifles are meant to be lightweight and though they are selective-fire weapons with large magazines, they do not have the thermal mass, cooling ability, or ammunition capacity to sustain a high volume of fire like a machine gun.

They have been featured in every installment in the Battlefield Series.

Battlefield 1942Edit

Name Description Kit Faction
StG-44 Assault Wehrmacht

Battlefield: VietnamEdit

Name Description Kit Faction
M16 A USMC/ARVN assault rifle. Assault or Heavy Assault USMC, ARVN
CAR-15 A MACV assault rifle. Medic MACV
AK-47 An NVA assault rifle. Assault NVA
AKMS A Viet Cong assault rifle. Assault Viet Cong

Battlefield 2Edit

Name Description Faction Kit
M16A2 An American assault rifle. USMC Medic/Assault
L85A2 The default European Assault-kit assault rifle, and an unlockable. EU, all-faction Medic/Assault
AK-101 The default MEC assault rifle. MEC Medic/Assault
AK-47 The default Chinese assault rifle. PLA Medic/Assault
F2000 An unlockable assault rifle. All-faction. Assault/Medic
FAMAS The EU's default medic assault rifle. EU Medic
G36E The SAS default medic assault rifle, and an unlockable. SAS Medic

Battlefield 2: Modern CombatEdit

Name Description Faction Kit
M4 Carbine The USMC assault rifle. USMC Assault
L85A2 The NATO/EU assault rifle. EU, NATO Assault
AK-47 The MEC assault rifle. MEC Assault
Type 95 The Chinese assault rifle. PLA Assault

Battlefield 2142Edit

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit

Battlefield HeroesEdit

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Battlefield: Bad Company 2: VietnamEdit

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

Battlefield 3Edit

Battlefield 4Edit

Battlefield Hardline Edit

Battlefield 1 Edit

Assault's Ribeyrolles 1918 in-game is classified alongside Assault's other Submachine guns, though it is generally considered to be a proto-assault rifle in real life.


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