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Remington Model 8 IRL

Civilian variant of the Model 8 in reality

The Remington Model 8, formerly the Remington Autoloading Rifle, was an early semi-automatic rifle designed by John Moses Browning and first produced in 1906 by Remington Arms in U.S. and by FN in Europe. Utilizing the same long-recoil operation as Browning's earlier Auto 5 shotgun, the rifle could capably fire heavier rounds than most competing semi-autos of its time, making it popular among hunters as well as Law Enforcement. Civilian versions of the rifle fed from internal 5-round magazines, but versions with 15-round detachable magazines were available for law enforcement agencies in the United States[1]. About 100 Model 8s were ordered by the French Air Force for use in World War I, and the British Home Guard used the rifle during World War II[2].

The Model 8 appears in Battlefield 1 as the Autoloading 8, with the civilian variant in .35 Remington and law enforcement variant in .25 Remington available.

Battlefield 1Edit

This item has a Codex entry: Model 8 Autoloading
"The first successful semi-automatic rifle, the Model 8 shares the same long recoil mechanism of the Automatic 5 shotgun."

— In-game description

The Autoloading 8 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1 for the Medic kit.

Three variants of the Autoloading 8 are available: .35 Factory, .35 Marksman and .25 Extended.

Factory Edit

The .35 Factory is the standard variant of the Autoloading 8. The Autoloading 8 fires extremely quickly for a self-loading rifle - its rate of fire is on par with a pistol. This means that it is quite easy to shoot off the entire five round magazine at a single enemy and be forced to reload. Therefore, one should take careful aim when firing at long range with this weapon. Due to its high firerate, the Autoloading 8 can take down individual enemies quite quickly but is forced to reload often. It has minimal recoil compared to other weapons in its class, meaning accurate successive shots can be made faster than other self-loading rifles. As it uses an internal magazine and takes a minimum of three hits out of its five-round magazine to kill a healthy soldier unaided, it is generally better to fire the whole magazine at a time so the user is able to load a 5-round clip rather than spending excessive time loading individual rounds. The .35-caliber variants are best-suited to small engagements where the user can focus on dispatching individual targets quickly, and can be effective at most ranges in the right hands.

Marksman Edit

The .35 Marksman comes equipped with a foregrip and a magnified scope for long-range accuracy.

Extended Edit

The .25 Extended features more than triple the magazine capacity of the original weapon, but it is re-chambered for a smaller round and therefore does less damage. It also has increased stability and uses detachable magazines.

The .25 Extended is typically a much better choice than the .35 Factory in close quarters situations. Because of the massively increased magazine size, the .25 Extended does not have the reloading problems experienced by the factory version of the weapon. The .25 Extended can take down multiple enemies, even firing from the hip, and is much more useful than the factory version in close range combat.

Weapon SkinsEdit


Trivia Edit

  • As an Easter Egg, the .25 Extended variant possesses a secret empty reload animation where the player character knocks out the empty magazine with a new one, in the same vein as the reload of the AN-94 from Battlefield 4. The animation will occasionally play when reloading with an empty magazine. [3]
  • Since the Autoloading 8 uses a long-recoil system of operation, installing a bayonet on the weapon as shown in-game is problematic in real life. The bayonet would interfere with the operation of the rifle since the barrel has to move to ensure proper loading of the next round, and as a result, would probably fall off while firing. This was probably done for balancing reasons since the 12g Automatic uses the same method of operation but cannot accept a bayonet.


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