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For the Codex Entry, see Model 8 Autoloading (Codex Entry)
Remington Model 8 IRL

The Remington Model 8 is a semi-automatic rifle first manufactured in the United States in 1906. Formerly known as the Remington Autoloading Rifle, the weapon was one of the first of its kind to enter widespread production, popularly serving the hunting and law enforcement market in the US.

Although never adopted formally by any military service, Model 8s were being assembled and sold in Europe by Belgian company FN prior to World War I, leading to the possibility that some reached the trenches in the hands of either side. Production continued after the war, and overall more than 100,000 examples of the Model 8 and its variants were manufactured in 30 years of production.

Battlefield 1Edit

For the Codex Entry see Model 8 Autoloading (Codex Entry)
"The first successful semi-automatic rifle, the Model 8 shares the same long recoil mechanism of the Automatic 5 shotgun."
— In-game description

The Autoloading 8 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1 for the Medic kit.


Three variants of the Autoloading 8 are available: .35 Factory, .35 Marksman and .25 Extended.

The .35 Factory is the standard variant of the Autoloading 8. The Autoloading 8 fires extremely quickly for a self-loading rifle - its rate of fire is on par with a pistol. This means that it is quite easy to shoot off the entire five round magazine at a single enemy and be forced to reload. Therefore, one should be careful when firing at range with this weapon. When in close quarters, however, the Autoloading 8 can take down individual enemies quite quickly, but is forced to reload often.

The .35 Marksman comes equipped with a foregrip and a magnified scope for long-range accuracy.

The .25 Extended features more than triple the magazine capacity of the original weapon, but it is rechambered for a smaller round and therefore does less damage. It also has increased accuracy and stability.

The .25 Extended is typically a much better choice than the .35 Factory in most situations. Because of the massively increased magazine size, the .25 Extended does not have the reloading problems experienced by the factory version of the weapon. Indeed, the .25 Extended can take down multiple enemies, even firing from the hip, and is much more useful than the factory version in close and medium range combat.


Trivia Edit

  • Since the Autoloading 8 uses a long-recoil system of operation, the fact that you can install a bayonet on the weapon in Battlefield 1 is problematic. If this was done in real life, it would interfere with the operation of the rifle since the barrel has to move to ensure proper loading of the next round. This was probably done for balance reasons, since the 12g Automatic has the same problem but cannot accept a bayonet.
    • This particular problem was encountered with another recoil-operated weapon, the M1941 Johnson Rifle, submitted for US Army trials in WW2, and contributed to the fact that it was not accepted.

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