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For other similarly named weapons, see 1918 (Disambiguation)
Beretta M1918

A Beretta M1918 during World War I

The Beretta Model 1918 was a submachine gun introduced late in World War I. The weapon features an unconventional overhead inserted magazine designed to assist loading and chambering of rounds using gravity. The weapon was the first submachine gun to be used by the Italian Armed Forces during the conflict, and is possibly the first of its type to be used as a general-issue combat weapon.

Battlefield 1Edit

"Inspired by an aircraft mounted gun, the M1918 was the first submachine gun to be used by the Italian military"
— In-game description

Three variants of the Automatico M1918 are featured in Battlefield 1 for the Assault kit. It was first seen during the Official gameplay trailer shown at the EA Play event.

Automatico M1918 FactoryEdit

The Automatic M1918 Factory variant has no attachments except for a bayonet.

Automatico M1918 TrenchEdit

The Trench variant is equipped with a foregrip and a bayonet, and has greatly increased hip-fire accuracy compared to the standard version.

Automatico M1918 Light InfantryEdit

The Light Infantry variant is also equipped with a foregrip and bayonet, and has marginally increased accuracy and control over the Factory variant.


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