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Avoid Tripwire is a set of training options in Battlefield Play4Free. The first training, the "basic" type will make it easier to avoid tripwires while jogging. The second training, the "advanced" type, will allow the user to avoid tripwires while sprinting.

Avoid Tripwire: BasicEdit

Avoid Tripwire: Basic will allow the user to get over Claymores while jogging. There is only one level for this option, but essentially gives the player the chance to flank enemy snipers safely.

Avoid Tripwire: Basic is available for every kit as a Tier 2 Combat Expertise option and requires Mortar Strike Combat Awareness; an exception to this is the Recon kit that can immediately spend points in this option as it is a Tier 1 Expertise and do not requires Mortar Strike Combat Awareness.

Avoid Tripwire: AdvancedEdit

Avoid Tripwire: Advanced will allow the user to get over Claymores while running. There are three levels for this option, and every point spent in this option will make easier to avoid Claymore's explosion by increasing the trigger delay by 1 second. It is only available for the Assault and Recon kits and requires Avoid Tripwire: Basic.


  1. Avoid trip-wires of enemy claymores to prevent them from detonating.
  2. Increases the trigger delay of claymores by 2 seconds.
  3. Increases the trigger delay of claymores by 3 seconds.


  • Avoid Tripwire is actually the only training option that is both a Tier 1 (for the Recon kit) and Tier 2 (for every other kit).