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Ballroom Blitz is a map featured in Battlefield 1.[1]The map takes place during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive of late 1918, where US Forces sought to break the German supply lines by overrunning the railway network at Sedan. The fight reaches a French Château, previously serving as officer's quarters behind the line, which serves as the map's focal point.


Next to a river stands a palatial château. Parts of the interior can be entered by infantry. The exterior walkway offers good view over the remainder of the map, although its large size makes it contestable.

To each side of the château is a field with plenty of uneven ground. Germans hold a railway connecting to the rest of the region. Americans have pushed up from the southeast.


The Behemoth is the Airship L30.

Control PointsEdit

Control Point Conquest Domination Rush Operations Frontlines
US Deployment BF1 United States Icon
Crownprince's Trench BF1 United States Icon 1A 1A
Brandenburg Trench 1B 1B
Servants' Quarters A 2A 2A
LaCroix Pond B 2B
LaCroix Battery 2B
West Gate 3A
Hallway A
Courtyard B 3A 3B
Ballroom C BF1 Sentry IconC 3B BF1 Flame Trooper Icon3C
North Garden D 4 4A
Railway Hub E 5 4B BF1 Flame Trooper Icon
German Deployment BF1 German Empire Icon

US Deployment Edit

Last stretch of shelled land before approaching the chateau perimeter.

Trench Lines Edit

Crownprince's Trench Edit

Southern position along the final trench, featuring a bunker and a small staging area. Some sparse cover can be found in the forest to the south.

Brandenburg Trench Edit

Northern position, with a second bunker at the wall behind the main one.

Southeast Grounds Edit

Servants' Quarters Edit

Some standing structures on the opposite side of the road. Much of the land is disturbed. A tall bank separates this area from the pond and artillery battery.

In Conquest, a field gun and an anti-aircraft gun assist with defense.

LaCroix Pond/Battery Edit

Paved area separating two manmade ponds. Along with the existing walls, a set of artillery guns provides cover from the many overwatch points.

Château Edit

The château has five gates that allow entry to vehicles. Players must interact with the control for about ten seconds in order to raise the gate. The gate can instantly be lowered, destroying anything caught beneath.

Hallway Edit

Hallway with entrances on the American side, connecting the courtyard and ballroom. Two doors lead into a small maze. Two more doors at the south end lead to both the triangular yard and the main courtyard.

Ballroom Edit

Central building with most of the furniture covered. There are many doors leading outside. One of the wall sections can be blown open, possibly allowing entry via a pile of crates from below. Two staircases lead to a small yard, with a retractable gate at each end. On the northwest is a stairwell leading down towards the North Garden. A path along the riverside allows flanking around the château.

Two anti-aircraft guns and two field guns can often be found in the triangle yard, mixed with the spare artillery guns.

Courtyard Edit

Large square yard surrounded on all sides by a two-story walkway. Though barricaded and wired, the defenses can be torn down to allow ingress by infantry. Square planters and a central statue offer some interior cover and block sight between the four main entrances.

Four additional field guns and two more anti-aircraft guns are situated outside.

West Gate Edit

Large platforms with a wide, recessed passageway. Large planters in the passage give some cover for infantry, who otherwise have to watch the long lanes and attackers who may leap from above.

North Garden Edit

On the German side of the map is a small plaza. The terrain undulates around it, and combine with low platforms to give cover from the courtyard. A wall separates this area from the railway.

Railway Hub Edit

A train station and supporting buildings. Two sets of cars give additional cover and concealment.

German Deployment Edit

A fairly open area along the riverside.


Teams battle over five flags, with the ballroom as the center flag.


Both teams are provided with two heavy armor, two airplanes, two cavalry, and a scout car. A Sentry kit can be found at the Ballroom.


Fighting is confined to the château grounds.


The Americans attack five German sectors in Rush.

Sector 1Edit

As in Operations, fighting begins in the trenches, with telegraphs at each of the bunkers.

Sector 2Edit

Attackers breach the wall and seek telegraphs at the artillery battery and servants' quarters.

Sector 3Edit

Defenders retreat to the château, with one telegraph in the courtyard and another in the ballroom.

Sector 4Edit

Fighting returns to open ground. One telegraph stands at the garden plaza, and another along one of the low passages leading from the West Gate.

Sector 5Edit

Having pushed all the way to the railway, attackers head for the final telegraphs along the train platform and in the ground floor of the two-story building.


Ballroom Blitz is the first map in Conquer Hell in Operations, where the Americans attempt to push back German defenders across four sectors.

Sector 1Edit

Fighting begins in a series of zipper trenches at the southeast entrance to the estate. US Forces spawn in the third trench. The German Empire defends two positions in the first trench, and deploy from behind a wall.

Sector 2Edit

The Americans advance onto the château grounds to secure the servants' quarters and an artillery battery.

Though the château is mostly off-limits, defenders can take positions along the elevated walkway and the emplacements before it.

Sector 3Edit

Fighting moves indoors as American forces aim to clear the Germans from the château, where they hold three positions.

Sector 4Edit

The main objective of the map is the railway station to the northwest of the château. A secondary objective at the North Garden provides a buffer for defenders.

Upon securing the map, fighting moves to Argonne Forest, further along the railway.


Ballroom Blitz was be added to the Frontlines gamemode with the Lupkow Pass Update in August 2017. The five-flag layout roughly follows the same layout as in Conquest, centering on the Courtyard instead of the Ballroom.



  • The map is inspired by the real life location of Château de Chantilly, which was not involved with the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in real life.
  • There are several bugs found in the upper levels of buildings. These, along with the absence of paths to rooftops, suggest that the map was designed primarily for ground combat.
  • Optimization bugs on some angled roofs may cause distant buildings to toggle appearance, even if they should be in view of the player.[2]
  • Some of the cylindrical towers at the corners of the chateau allow players to glitch through the balcony outside to untextured areas within.[3]
  • The name of the map, 'Ballroom Blitz', may be inspired by a popular song also called 'Ballroom Blitz'.
  • In the game files this map is named MP_Chateau.
  • A map of Argonne Forest can be seen in a command station in the American spawn.[4]