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A bandage or field dressing is a piece of material intended to stop bleeding from an open wound, as well as to protect against foreign material entering the wound. Soldiers in many armies carry a bandage and are trained in its basic use. However, a medic or corpsman possesses the training and equipment to keep the wound from deteriorating until it can be properly treated at a hospital.

Battlefield HeroesEdit

Bandages first appear in Battlefield Heroes as a player's personal healing option, since medkits do not appear in game. Depending on the type chosen, the bandage will heal a certain amount of the player's own health over time. Bandages can also put out fire if the player has been hit with Burning Bullets, but do not stop poison from a Poisoned Blade.

Should a bandaged player receive damage, the healing effect is cancelled.

They can be bought with either in-game credits or Battlefunds, and may only be used a limited amount of times before needing to be replenished.

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Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

BFP4F Field Bandages Render

Render of the Field Bandages.

Field bandages are a gadget featured in Battlefield Play4Free. They function similarly to the bandages in Heroes. They cost 200 PF4 Credits for 5 uses, 80 P4F Funds for 50 uses and 140 P4F Funds for 100 uses. The gadget, without any Combat Resilience Training purchased from the training tree, has the potential to heal 60HP during the 15 seconds the gadget is activated for 4HP a second. Taking damage will stop the healing process in its tracks, but will still use up one of your bandages. After the healing use of the gadget is over, a cooldown timer of 30 seconds will start before the gadget can be used again. This timer does not reset after death and the healing process can stop if the player is hit or exits infantry mode by getting in a vehicle or climbing a ladder.

Combat BandagesEdit


Render of the Combat Bandages.

A variant known as the combat bandage heals 75HP over 15 seconds for 5HP a second. Its cooldown is 35 seconds.

Battlefield 1Edit

This item has a Codex entry: First Aid

Bandage Pouches are used by the Medic and Cavalry classes as a healing item in Battlefield 1. They function similarly to the First Aid Pack seen in Battlefield 4, a small single-use item that allows infantry to heal on the move.

Bandage Pouches are consumed immediately when a player makes contact with them. They heal 12.5 HP per second, until the player recovers all health or is hurt by further attacks. Healing is not affected by suppression, and can stack only with healing provided by a Medical Crate. As with other support actions, the UI now indicates which other player is responsible for any healing provided to the player. Bandages can heal enemies too, if they are the first players to pick them up.

Like the Ammo Pouch, players can throw pouches at needy teammates by pressing the Gadget 1/2 button or the Spot button. Players mounted on horseback can drop pouches for teammates.