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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 features achievements and trophies that can be unlocked upon the completion of certain objectives in the singleplayer and multiplayer game modes.

The standard version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 provides a total of 49 Xbox 360 and PC achievements and 50 Trophies for PlayStation 3, the extra being the exclusive platinum trophy. The SPECACT, Onslaught packs, as well as the Vietnam expansion provide the game with a total of 72 achievements for the Xbox 360 and PC, and 73 trophies for PS3 respectively.


Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
Ta00 Bad Company Elite Obtain all Campaign and Online trophies N/A Platinum
Ta01 I knew we'd make it Campaign: Finish Operation Aurora 15G Bronze
BFBC2 TA02 Retirement just got postponed. Campaign: Finish Cold War 15G Bronze
BFBC2 TA03 It's bad for my karma man! Campaign: Finish Heart of Darkness 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta04 They got all your intel? Campaign: Finish Upriver 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta05 Salvage a vehicle. Campaign: Finish Crack the Sky 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta06 Alright, here it is. Campaign: Finish Snowblind 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta07 Nobody ever drowned in sweat Campaign: Finish Heavy Metal 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta08 Ghost rider's here! Campaign: Finish High Value Target 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta09 Sierra Foxtrot 1079 Campaign: Finish Sangre Del Toro 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta10 Thanks for the smokes, brother! Campaign: Finish No One Gets Left Behind 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta11 Save me some cheerleaders. Campaign: Finish Zero Dark Thirty 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta12 Turn on a light. Campaign: Finish Force Multiplier 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta13 P.S. Invasion cancelled, sir. Campaign: Finish Airborne 30G Silver
BFBC2 ta14 It sucks to be right. Campaign: Finish Airborne on Hard 50G Gold
BBFC2 ta15 New Shiny Gun Campaign: Find 5 Collectible Weapons 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta16 Guns Guns Guns Campaign: Find 15 Collectible Weapons 50G Silver
BFBC2 ta17 Link to the Past Campaign: Destroy 1 satellite uplink 15G Bronze
Ta18 Communication Issues Campaign: Destroy 15 satellite uplinks 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta19 Complete Blackout Campaign: Destroy all satellite uplinks. Players only need to destroy 22 to achieve 50G Silver
BFBC2 ta20 Ten Blades Campaign: 10 melee kills 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta21 Taxi! Campaign: Drive 5 km in any land vehicle 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta22 Destruction Campaign: Destroy 100 objects 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta23 Destruction Part 2 Campaign: Destroy 1000 objects 30G Silver
BFBC2 ta24 Demolish Campaign: Demolish 1 house 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta25 Demolish Part 2 Campaign: Demolish 50 houses 30G Silver
BFBC2 ta26 Assault Rifle Aggression Campaign: 50 kills with assault rifles 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta27 Sub Machine Gun Storm Campaign: 50 kills with sub machine guns 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta28 Light Machine Gun Lash Out Campaign: 50 kills with light machine guns 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta29 Sniper Rifle Strike Campaign: 50 kills with sniper rifles 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta30 Wall of Shotgun Campaign: 50 kills with shotguns 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta31 Multiplayer Knowledge Online: Reach Rank 10 (Sergeant I) 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta32 Multiplayer Elite Online: Reach Rank 22 (Warrant Officer I) 50G Gold
BFBC2 ta33 Assault Expert Online: Unlock 3 weapons in the Assault kit 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta34 Engineer Expert Online: Unlock 3 weapons in the Engineer kit 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta35 Medic Expert Online: Unlock 3 weapons in the Medic kit 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta36 Recon Expert Online: Unlock 3 weapons in the Recon kit 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta37 Battlefield Expert Online: Obtain all unlocks in any kit or all Vehicle unlocks 50G Gold
BFBC2 ta38 15 Minutes of Fame Online: Play for 15 minutes 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta39 Mission... Accomplished. Online: In a round do one kill with the knife, the M60 and the RPG-7 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta40 Pistol Man Online: Get 5 kills with every handgun in the game 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta41 Airkill Online: Roadkill an enemy with any helicopter 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta42 Et Tu, Brute? Online: Knife 5 friends 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta43 Demolition Man Online: Get 20 demolish kills 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta44 Careful Guidance Online: Destroy an enemy helicopter with a stationary RPG 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta45 The Dentist Online: Do a headshot with the repair tool 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta46 Won Them All Online: Win a round in all game modes 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta47 Squad Player Online: Obtain the Gold Squad Pin 5 times 30G Silver
BFBC2 ta48 Combat Service Support Online: Do 10 resupplies, repairs, heals, revives and motion mine spot assists 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta49 Award Aware Online: Obtain 10 unique awards 15G Bronze
BFBC2 ta50 Award Addicted Online: Obtain 50 unique awards 15G Silver


Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
SPECACT Assault Elite SPECACT Assault Elite Get all SPECACT Assault Awards 15G Bronze
SPECACT Engineer Elite SPECACT Engineer Elite Get all SPECACT Engineer Awards 15G Bronze
SPECACT Medic Elite SPECACT Medic Elite Get all SPECACT Medic Awards 15G Bronze
SPECACT Recon Elite SPECACT Recon Elite Get all SPECACT Recon Awards 15G Bronze


Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
Valpariso Conquered Valpariso Conquered Complete Valparaiso in Onslaught mode on any difficulty 10G Bronze
BFBC2 ta56 Valpariso Veteran Complete Valparaiso in Onslaught mode on Hardcore difficulty 20G Silver
BFBC2 ta57 Isla Inocentes Conquered Complete Isla Inocentes in Onslaught mode on any difficulty 10G Bronze
BFBC2 ta58 Isla Inocentes Veteran Complete Isla Inocentes in Onslaught mode on Hardcore difficulty 20G Silver
BFBC2 ta59 Atacama Desert Conquered Complete Atacama Desert in Onslaught mode on any difficulty 10G Bronze
BFBC2 ta60 Atacama Desert Veteran Complete Atacama Desert in Onslaught mode on Hardcore difficulty 20G Silver
Nelson Bay Conquered Nelson Bay Conquered Complete Nelson Bay in Onslaught mode on any difficulty 10G Bronze
BFBC2 ta62 Nelson Bay Veteran Complete Nelson Bay in Onslaught mode on Hardcore difficulty 20G Silver


Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy
BFBC2V Can I Go Home Trophy Can I Go Home Now? Win a round of either Rush or Conquest on all four Vietnam levels. 15G Bronze
BFBC2V Would You Kindly STFU Trophy Would You Kindly STFU? Destroy a Hannoi Hanna propaganda speaker. 10G Bronze
BFBC2V Great Ball Of Fire Trophy Great Ball of Fire Kill 20 enemies with the Flamethrower. 25G Bronze
BFBC2V Doing The Rounds Trophy Doing The Rounds Get a kill with all Vietnam vehicles. 15G Bronze
BFBC2V Cantankerous Chauffeur Trophy Cantankerous Chauffeur Get 100 kills with Vietnam tanks. 25G Bronze
BFBC2V Ride Of The Valkyrie Trophy Ride Of The Valkyrie Get 50 kills with the Huey. 25G Bronze
BFBC2V 2nd Tour Of Duty Trophy 2nd Tour Of Duty (Hidden Trophy on PS3) Achieve the best squad award on Operation Hastings 25G Bronze
BFBC2V Every Gun Has A Silver Lining Trophy Every Gun Has A Silver Lining. Get a silver star on every primary weapon in Vietnam. 35G Bronze
BFBC2V Ecstasy Of Gold Trophy Ecstasy Of Gold Get a gold star on all primary Vietnam weapons. 50G Silver
BFBC2V Just Because I Can Trophy Just Because I Can Finish first on the scoreboard on any Vietnam level. 25G Bronze


  • "Ride Of The Valkyrie" is a reference to Ride of the Valkyries, a German opera leitmotif that was associated with helicopters and the Vietnam War through the film Apocalypse Now, which featured a helicopter assault in Vietnam while the song is being played on loudspeakers.

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