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Haggard's Blog
Haggard's Video Blog

BFBC1 Icon Battlefield: Bad Company

Date Released

December 18th, 2007


United States of America


Somewhere in Eastern Europe





Battlefield Bad Company - Character Blog 1 Private Haggard01:36

Battlefield Bad Company - Character Blog 1 Private Haggard

Haggard's Blog was the first of four video blog trailers of the four members of Bravo 1-Charlie : Haggard, Redford, Sweetwater and Preston.


"Private Haggard may not be the most charismatic guy, but he sure gets to the point quickly. Catch a glimpse of his heartfelt speech to his family in which he talks about some of his, well, mishaps, from the past."


VIDEO# 810422 RECIPIENT# 18360

NAME: Haggard, George Gordon Jr.

RANK: Private


UNIT:Bad Company B-Company


Haggard: Okay uh I'l just look in there, and talk. That's it. Great.

Haggard: So uh..Hi Mom! This is your favorite whatever I am to you. I'm coming live from the war in um...


Haggard: What country am I in?


Haggard: I think I'm in Europe. Hey anyway, I just wanted to thank you guys. Got the beef jerky. You just don't get beef jerky like-


Haggard: Also wanted to tell you that the problems I had, you know, with blowing stuff up and.. Hey! It's not a problem anymore! Cause around here, it's actually a good thing, when you blow stuff up.

Haggard: If I'm honest, I did accidently, blow something up that I probably shouldn't have. But it doesn't matter, cause all they did was transfer me to this other company, where they put all the...


Haggard: Hey, got some new friends as well. There's Sarge and then there's this real nerdy guy on my squad Sweetwater, he's kinda like a little brother, I'm trying to take care of him. I don't think he's going to last very long.


Haggard: I gotta go so, bye everybody! And er I love you!

End of trailer.


  • Haggard's serial number, 000BF1942002BF2005, stands for BattleField 1942, 2002, BattleField 2, 2005.

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