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Battlefield: Bad Company
Sweetwater's Blog
Sweetwater's Video Blog

BFBC1 Icon Battlefield: Bad Company

Date Released

May 30th, 2008


United States of America, Russian Federation



Battlefield Bad Company - Sweetwater's Blog01:41

Battlefield Bad Company - Sweetwater's Blog

Sweetwater's Blog is the third of four video blog trailers of the four members of Bravo 1-Charlie : Haggard, Redford, Sweetwater and Preston.


"Private Sweetwater isn't one to laugh in the face of danger. In fact, he'd rather find a good cave to hide in, but in B-Company, he's faced with dangerous situations every day! See how he's holding up as he talks to his loyal video blog subscribers."



VIDEO#: 810424 RECIPIENT#: 12054

NAME: Sweetwater, Terrence

RANK: Private

SERIAL#: 0BFMCPS2005MC360006

UNIT: B-Company


Sweetwater: Er..this is Private Terrence Sweetwater of B-Company, and um..I hope you'll consider my request for a transfer. I mean, I really don't know how I ended up in this company or I..I do know but I don't think I deserved it, and I don't think you've really thought this through. Cause er..that virus thing, I honestly don't know where it came from, and if really did have my name-


Sweetwater: I mean, look at the guys I'm here with. I've got this one guy on my squad, yeah I don't want to mention any names, but, well..Haggard, that's his name. And there is clearly something wrong with this guy, he sees something he's gotta blow it up!-


Sweetwater: If I'm around him I don't think I'm gonna last for very long-


Sweetwater: I can be a valuable asset to the Army, I mean, I'm smart, really.

Two American soldiers walk by outside.

Sweetwater: I like, almost got a college degree and erm I'm going to apply for MIT once my-


Sweetwater: The enemy on the other hand.

A Russian T-90 tank drives by.

Sweetwater: Aw man, they've got their act together, I mean there you've got real tactical capability, you've got people who obviously know their job-


Sweetwater: Oh! Oh! No okay I'm picking up on the logic now. That's why you got me here to begin with isn't it?!

Sweetwater starts walking towards the camera.

Sweetwater: Okay, so you're not going to consider my request. You're just leaving me out here to-


End of trailer.


  • Sweetwater's serial number, 0BFMCPS2005MC360006, stands for BattleField 2 Modern Combat, Play Station 2, 2005, Modern Combat, Xbox 360, 2006.

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