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Battlefield: Bad Company
Teaser Trailer
Battlefield Bad Company Teaser Trailer

BFBC1 Icon Battlefield: Bad Company

Date Released

March 12th, 2007


US Army vs Russian Army






Rating Pending

Battlefield Bad Company Teaser02:37

Battlefield Bad Company Teaser

The Battlefield: Bad Company Teaser Trailer was the first trailer of Battlefield: Bad Company, showcasing the early version of the Frostbite Engine and Battlefield: Bad Company. The trailer takes place in the point of view from the Narrator, as he follows Redford and Haggard in a small town.


"Teaser trailer for Battlefield: Bad Company."


Haggard and Redford




Unnamed Enemies
Main battle tank(s)






A damaged house can be seen, a explosion hits the house, damaging it further.

Narrator: From the creators of the multiple award wining games, Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2, comes a new epic adventure, combining the trademark addictive gameplay-

Haggard: Do you never stop talking? Just shut up! God, look.

Haggard points towards a house, the Narrator looks back to find nothing of interest.

Redford: Move out!

The Narrator looks back to find that Redford and Haggard are gone.

The Narrator starts running towards the two.

Redford: Keep moving Haggard!

Redford: Watch yourself, and your flank.

Haggard: Sorry.

Redford: Can't you ever stand still and shoot-

Music drowns out Redford's voice.

Narrator: A story of confusion, sacrifice and personal growth, as two brothers are-

Redford: Do we look like brothers to you?

Haggard tries to get Redford's attention, and points towards a T-90 approaching them.

Redford: Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

T-90 fires.

Redford: We'll go around back, follow me.

Haggard: What, and call for a cab? Yeah Sarge.

Redford: Where the hell do we call for a cab?!

Haggard: I was thinking of calling the U.S. Army.

Redford: Haggard, listen to me, this is not a military mission anymore

Narrator: A story of one man's journey.

Redford: Yeah, you know we've got a story sure. And we go for a quest for gold, revenge and whatever's worth fighting for.

Haggard: Sarge.

Redford: Proves to be a hero by the end.

Haggard: Sarge.

Redford: Now can we focus on staying alive please?

Haggard: Sarge.

Redford: What?

Haggard: Incoming!

Redford looks up to see a Ka-52, which opens fire on them.

Haggard: Sir!

Redford: What?

Haggard: I just wanted to let you know, I think we make a great team.

Redford: Us? What do you mean us? A great team?

Haggard: We're kinda like a band of brothers. Like brothers in arms, on a-


Redford: Cover my left flank!

Haggard: Hey Sarge, who are these guys we're shooting at?

Redford: Do you really care at this point Haggard?

Haggard: Well...

Reford: What?

Haggard looks at the narrator.

Haggard: That guy's still here.

Redford: Will you please get the hell out of here, this town is going to pieces.

Narrator: Well, I was just about to say something about that, but you wouldn't let me.

Redford: What? Say something about what?

Narrator: Well, this time you're really able to blow things up, using an unrivalled selection of weapons and vehicles-

Haggard: Woah woah woah woah, hold the phone here, you said that we can blow up anything?

Narrator: Pretty much.

Haggard: Anything?

Narrator: Pretty much anything.

Haggard: *laughs* Now that is great news, oh hey Sarge, check this out. Number 1!

Haggard uses his XM320 and blows up a wall.

Haggard: And what comes after 1? 2 comes after 1!

Haggard blows up another wall.

Narrator: A story of one man's journey-

Haggard fires a grenade at the Narrator, killing him.

Haggard: He said, that I could blow up, everything.

Redford: Yeah, right, right. Haggard you know I think-

Haggard: You know, I thought that he was you know, embedded.

Screen turns black.

Music starts.

Narrator: You've never been closer to the Battlefield.

End of Trailer.


  • The XM8 used by Haggard and Redford have a desert camouflage, which is not available in the final game.
  • The T-90 that attacks the group is the MEC T-90 from Battlefield 2.
  • The Ka-52's gun fire rate in the teaser is much higher than in the final game.
  • The voices for both Haggard and Redford in the trailer are different than in the actual game.
  • Also, both Haggard and Redford use an XM8 in the trailer, but in the actual game, they use the 870MCS and M416, respectively.
  • Redford is bald in the trailer, but in the actual game, he wears a cap to cover his head.
  • Both Haggard and Redford have different faces in the trailer than the actual game.

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