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Cover for Battlefield 2142: Original Soundtrack

The Battlefield 2142 Theme Tune
The Battlefield 2142 Soundtrack features fourteen tracks used in Battlefield 2142 and is composed by Gregor Narholz. The soundtrack's majestic fanfares are much like those of previous titles, but unlike previous installments, 2142's soundtrack features individual themes for the each of the game's original ten maps.


# Track Title Duration
1Battlefield 2142 Main Theme3:18
3Camp Gibraltar2:28
4Cerbere Landing2:34
5Fall of Berlin2:14
6Lose Round0:37
7Menu Music5:28
9Shuhia Taiba2:32
10Sidi Power Plant2:30
11Suez Canal2:32
12Tunis Harbor2:37
14Win Round0.36

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