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Battlefield 2: Special Forces

DICE Canada


Electronic Arts


Refractor 2


November 21, 2005


First-person shooter


Single-player, Multiplayer


PEGI: 16+


1 DVD or 2 CDs or Digital Download

Battlefield 2: Special Forces is the sole expansion pack for Battlefield 2. It is available either as a DVD, 2-CD retail package, or as a download via EA Downloader and Steam. It introduced new factions as well as new maps, vehicles, and weapons to the game.








Battlefield 2: Special Forces has received slightly positive reviews from critics. On Metacritic, the expansion pack has a metascore of 77[1] based on 25 reviews. On GameRankings, the expansion pack has a score of 78.14%[2] based on 28 reviews.

GameSpot gave it a score of 8.1 out of 10[3], saying that "If you love Battlefield 2, then the expansion is a no-brainer. But there's plenty in here for newcomers to appreciate, as well. Just wait a while for EA to settle out all the issues first."

IGN gave it a score of 8 out of 10[4], saying that "What you get with Special Forces boils down to a batch of maps (albeit well-designed ones), some slightly new weapons to choose from, and a few new vehicles. There is still only Assault: Conquest mode, which is largely why I don't recommend to those of you who didn't dig BF2. But if the package is worth thirty bucks to you, I say go for it."

GameSpy gave it a score of 3 out of 5 stars[5], saying that "The most astute comment I've heard about Battlefield 2 still applies to Special Forces: everything about it sucks except for the actual game. And that part -- the core gameplay that holds it all together and drives it forward for hours on end once you've finally got it up and running and reasonably stable -- remains as great as ever. But if EA's expansion packs are going to continue consisting of content that doesn't expand so much as prolong, then the least they can do is give them more forthright titles. For Special Forces, might we suggest Battlefield 2: New Maps, New Toys and Some Bugs for Thirty Bucks?"


  • This is the only of the Battlefield 2 Expansion packs to not feature any Jets, however Jets were originally supposed to appear in Special Forces as seen in the player's commo rose and there is also audio relating to jets for each faction.
  • During very early stages, there was supposed to be diving underwater & even underwater levels, as seen in this video. The player would dive for 30 seconds underwater before drowning and there were rumors about underwater and toxic gas/poison weapons. All these features were cut; however, the sound files of underwater & drowning still exists in common/client folders in BF2. The cut weapons were APSSpear Gun and Poison Gas


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