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Battlefield 3: Armored Kill
Developer(s) DICE
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Engine Frostbite 2
Date released *PS3 Premium: September 4, 2012
  • Xbox 360 & PC Premium: September 11, 2012
  • PS3: September 18, 2012
  • Xbox 360 & PC: September 25, 2012
Genre First-person shooter
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Media PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace, Origin
"Ups the ante for vehicular mayhem as only Battlefield 3 can do."
— Battlefield 3 Premium Description

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is the third expansion pack available for Battlefield 3.  It was revealed in a fact sheet pertaining to Battlefield Premium on May 30, 2012. It features large maps with a focus on vehicular combat.





Battlefield 3: Armored Kill has received positive reviews from game critics. The expansion pack currently has GameRankings scores of 83.33% for PC[1] based on 3 reviews and 84.00% for PlayStation 3[2] based on 2 reviews. It also has Metacritic scores of 83 for PC[3] based on 7 reviews and 79 for PlayStation 3[4] based on 7 reviews.


  • It was revealed by a tweet that the expansion would not include any new weapons.
  • While the official name is spelled 'Armored Kill', a previous poll on Battlelog had it spelled 'Armoured Kill', with "Armored" being spelled as it would be in British English.
  • The expansion introduced the game's first winter map, Alborz Mountains.
  • The expansion includes Bandar Desert, the largest map in Battlefield history.
  • When the PS3 Premium version was first released, it was unavailable on the in-game store for several hours. A system message stated that Premium members would need to go to the PlayStation Store to download Armored Kill. This was fixed the day after release.




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