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Many Promotional offers were released for Battlefield 3 following its release, most of which eventually expired.

Dr. Pepper Promotional Offers Edit

During Dr. Pepper's limited-time promotion that allowed consumers who bought 20 oz. bottles of Dr. Pepper to enter codes on the bottom of bottle caps on the official Dr. Pepper website to get exclusive in-game content in EA games, Battlefield 3 was also given special promotional DLC. This consisted of:

  • 5 promotional dog tags
  • A PlayStation Home avatar (PlayStation exclusive)
  • 2 avatar items (Xbox 360 exclusive)
  • A special "Dr. Pepper" soldier camo

A single code only unlocked one item (i.e. one code= 1 dog tag or 1 avatar item).

On January 16, 2012, DICE and EA released all of the rewards (excluding the avatar items) along with the 5 Amazon pre-order exclusive dogs tags and the pre-order exclusive SPECACT skins on the PlayStation store, dubbed the "Promo Bundle" for $2.99. It was released on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace a week later for 240 MSP ($2.99) as the "SPECACT Kit & Dog Tag Bundle".

Act of Valor Dog-tags Edit

A Download code for five dog-tags was released exclusively for gamers 18 years or older in North America on launch day. To obtain the codes, players had to watch a trailer at the Act of Valor website for the new movie, Act of Valor, (released on February 17, 2012) and sign into EA. The download codes for the tags expired on March 31, 2012.

Miscellaneous Edit

Dozens of special Dog-tags were made available for free to players, so as to promote games and movies such as Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 4, Plants vs Zombies, and more. Others were released for free based on completing community challengess set up by DICE.

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