Ranks and Awards

Battlefield 4's multiplayer has one hundred and forty ranks, with each rank holding five sub ranks with roman numerals. There are forty-five ribbons which are unlocked by completing specific actions. Earning one ribbon fifty times awards a medal with forty-five Medals in total in the base game. Service Stars are awarded after earning enough experience progression for that object. There are one hundred and thirty available service stars, each capable of being earned one hundred times.


All classes featured in the previous installment return in Battlefield 4, although with a few changes. Carbines have become all-kit weapons along with Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs) and can now be utilized by all classes, as with pistols and shotguns.

  • Support - Retains C4 and claymores with its weapons now having an increased suppression effect compared to other classes. It will also be issued an XM25 and a remote controlled mortar for indirect suppressive fire.
  • Engineer - PDWs replace Carbines as the kits primary weapons, so as to emphasize it's close quarters role.

Maps and Gamemodes

Battlefield 4 features a total of ten maps in the base game, all of which are available on all seven gamemodes in the base game. Two of them, Obliteration and Defuse, are new additions to the series, putting further emphasis on team-based play. Additional maps and gamemodes were added through expansions.

Weapons and Gadgets

The game has over eighty available weapons, each with their own sets of accessories and attachments offering thousands of different combinations for players.


The game features over fifty available vehicles. Many vehicles come with specializations unlocked so as to better balance play between newer and older players. Naval combat has been heavily improved. Waves now play a factor in how boats move, requiring players to compensate when engaging enemies.


In addition to Russia and the United States, Battlefield 4 sees the return of China, a faction which previously appeared in Battlefield 2.

Unlike previous games in the series, Battlefield 4 allows the owners of rented servers to choose which factions can fight one another on which map, as well as which deployment they may use on the map. This means that one map can have battles between the US and China, US and Russia, or even Russia and China, all at the server owner's discretion.

Notable Features

  • Levolution - Increased destruction that is based on a level radically changing in gameplay through the player's actions.
  • Spectator Mode - A feature new to the Frostbite engine that allows users to view all players in first-person, third-person, or roam the map with a free camera. There is also a "Table Top" view mode, which is essentially a map with every unit spotted.
  • Commander Mode - Originally a feature from Battlefield 2, it allows the commander on each team from an overhead view to call in flag specific resources that are gained or lost depending on who has control of the flag.
  • Assignments - Assignments return, rewarding players upon meeting certain criteria and completing assignments. Each assignment has three tiers: bronze, silver, and gold. Assignments are available for both singleplayer and multiplayer. In multiplayer, they unlock at levels 10, 20, and 100 or by completing other assignments and unlock dog tags upon their completion.
  • Field Upgrades - Provide squads with Specializations once squad actions have been carried out. Four Specializations can be chosen in the form of Upgrade Paths. There are a total of eleven paths, with three all-kit paths and each class having two paths unique to them. Battlefield 4 also features over 25 Specializations.
  • Renting Servers - Players can purchase multiplayer servers and customize their settings in a manner similar to Battlefield 3.
  • Test Range - A tutorial mode that allows players to practice using weapons and vehicles.
  • Vehicle Critical Hit - Replaces the vehicle disable system from Battlefield 3. Upon receiving a critical hit, vehicles will temporarily become disabled for a short amount of time. Vehicles will stay disabled after having only 10% health remaining.
  • Leaning - Players can peek over cover while still protected from incoming fire.
  • Counter Knifing - Players can redirect an enemy frontal melee attack back upon the attacker achieving their tags in the process if timed correctly.
  • Community Test Environment - Feature that allows players to play a separate version of Battlefield 4 and provide DICE with greater feedback to improve the actual game.
  • Refined Movements - Players can now leap over or climb waist-high obstacles by pressing Jump in front of them.
  • Phantom Program - An Alternate Reality Game maintained and expanded throughout the support lifetime of Battlefield 4, involving a hidden password screen on Battlelog, clues hidden in Battlefield 4 DLCs, completion of Phantom Assignments, culminating in the unlock of the Phantom weapon on Hangar 21.