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Battlefield 4: China Rising
China Rising
Developer(s) DICE
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Rough Journey BF4
Engine Frostbite 3
Date released Premium - December 3
December 17
Genre First-person shooter
Platform(s) Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC
"Fight for dominance across the vast and majestic Chinese mainland in four massive maps, using new vehicles and high-tech military equipment."
— Battlefield 4 Premium: Release calender

Battlefield 4: China Rising is the first expansion pack for Battlefield 4. It was revealed on May 21, 2013 on a Battlelog post stating that those who pre-ordered the game would receive the expansion at no extra cost. It features four maps on the Chinese mainland along with new vehicles and high-tech equipment.







  • Recker's appearance on the cover shows him wearing a Calico Jack patch on his right shoulder, which is a morale patch normally worn by special operations soldiers, particularly the US Navy SEALs.
  • The aircraft depicted flying overhead on the cover art is a Xian H-6 bomber, an upgraded Chinese counterpart to the Soviet Tu-16 Badger and the Chinese Bomber in the expansion.
  • Before China Rising was officially announced, it was internally known as Drone Strike.
  • A patch for the PC version of the game that was released on November 14, 2013 allowed players to complete the assignments required to unlock the expansion pack's five weapons and use them during gameplay before the expansion pack's release date.
  • A newer version of China Rising was released in January 2014. This, however, caused a glitch that confused copies of Battlefield 4 with the original version of China Rising, regardless if the expansion pack had been installed or not. This restricted access for some players to play on maps of the expansion and the suspended use of all unlocked weapons and gadgets from the expansion. DICE stated to reinstall China Rising to solve the problem.
  • Shortly after the release of China Rising, the Chinese government banned the sale of Battlefield 4, due to cultural encroachment.[1]



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