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Battlefield 4 OST

Cover for the Battlefield 4 Original Video Game Soundtrack.

The Battlefield 4 Warsaw Theme

The Battlefield 4 Original Soundtrack was released to iTunes and Amazon on November 19, 2013. It was composed by Johan Skugge & Jukka Rintämakki and features 17 electronic and ambient-styled tracks used in Battlefield 4.[1]

A track called "Hanna's Theme" was leaked on March 24, 2013 to YouTube. The track did not appear in the final version of the soundtrack.

Later tracks used in the expansions and trailers, along with several ringtone versions of the original tracks, were released through the official Battlefield Soundcloud.


All tracks were produced and composed by Johan Skugge & Jukka Rintämaki, except where noted.

# Track Artist Length In BF4?
1 Battlefield 4 "Stutter" Theme 1:55 Yes
2 Battlefield 4 "Warsaw" Theme Rami 2:36 Yes
3 The Majestic Valkyrie 2:00 Yes
4 Jin Jie's Revolution 3:16 Yes
5 Oppression 3:52 Yes
6 A Theme for Kjell 3:36 Yes
7 Rough Journey 2:42 Yes
8 Silk Vista 2:37 Yes
9 Alone and Abandoned 3:26 Yes
10 Fishing in Baku 4:50 Yes
11 If Wishes Were Horses 3:20 Yes
12 High Tide 1:56 Yes
13 Being Irish 1:42 Yes
14 Battlefield 4 "Beta" Theme 1:23 No
15 When the Dam Breaks 2:37 Yes
16 Dunn's Down 4:52 Yes
17 Cyclone 2 1:55 Yes (in Multiplayer Trailer)

Soundcloud ReleasesEdit

Starting with Naval Strike, loading themes for the last three expansions were released through Soundcloud. Dragon's Teeth and Final Stand also had their launch trailer music and album artwork released.

As with the Original Soundtrack, all tracks were produced and composed by Johan Skugge & Jukka Rintämaki except where noted.

Naval StrikeEdit

# Track Artist Length
1 "Wave Breaker" 0:53
2 "Operation Mortar" 0:59
3 "Nansha Strike" 1:13
4 "Lost Islands" 1:02

While the Naval Strike launch trailer music was not officially released, Lost Islands is a shortened version of the theme featuring a modified intro and ambient battle noises.

Dragon's TeethEdit

BF4 DragonsTeeth Album

Artwork released for Dragon's Teeth soundtrack

# Track Artist Length
1 Official Release Trailer Mick Gordon & Daniel James 2:07
2 Marketplace 1:03
3 Propaganda 1:05
4 UrbanGarden 1:03
5 Waterfront 1:22

Final StandEdit

BF4 FinalStand Album

Artwork released for Final Stand soundtrack

# Track Artist Length
1 Official Release Trailer Jerry Beck 2:11
2 Giants of Karelia 0:57
3 Hammerhead 0:55
4 Hangar 21 1:03
5 Operation Whiteout 0:54

CTE Halloween EventEdit

Tracks specially composed for the Halloween version of Pearl Market released on the Community Test Environment in October 2014 were also released. Unlike the other soundtracks, all of these tracks were written and recorded by the Sam Bird, DICE LA's Sound Designer. Banshee Scream, Man Behind Door, and Baby And Music Box were all sound effects that played at certain areas on the map.

# Track Artist Length
1 Level Intro 1:24
2 End of Round 1:54
3 Banshee Scream 0:12
4 Man Behind Door 0:25
5 Baby and Music Box 0:26


  • "A Theme for Kjell" was named after a fallen DICE programmer, Kjell Reuterswärd.
  • All of the map themes for the Dragon's Teeth soundtrack are named after each map's internal name (Propaganda also uses its retail name internally).


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