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"Revisit four fan-favorite Battlefield 3 maps, now reimagined with the power of Frostbite 3."

— Battlefield 4 Premium: Release calender

Battlefield 4: Second Assault is the second expansion pack for Battlefield 4, featuring four redesigned variants of popular multiplayer maps from Battlefield 3.






Map Comparisons



  • It was revealed on June 10, 2013 at the Microsoft E3 Media Briefing and was first seen on November 1, 2013 during a promotional event in London that pitted American and European players against one another.
  • Unlike other maps of Battlefield 4, these maps take place in 2014 during the events of Battlefield 3 (see War of 2014), just like their past variants.
  • All the maps included in Second Assault have been updated to allow for more destruction and Levolution events.
  • The expansion's release date for Premium members on all other platforms was accidentally posted on Origin through an error of the website. Administrators quickly removed it.
  • Unlike the maps of the base game and other expansions of Battlefield 4, the letters for the maps of Second Assault in the server browser are not in all capital letters.
  • The trailer and changed map atmospheres suggest that there have been many battles fought already and assaults made.
  • DICE's Los Angeles-based branch was responsible for leading development in Second Assault.
  • Second Assault's code is XP0,meaning that it should be featured before China Rising (XP1)


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