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Battlefield Hardline: Karma Gameplay Trailer
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Battlefield Hardline

Date Released

December 22, 2014


Jamie N Commons - Karma (Hardline)


Law Enforcement Law Enforcement vs Criminals Criminals






Rating Pending

Battlefield Hardline Karma Gameplay Trailer01:14

Battlefield Hardline Karma Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield Hardline: Karma Gameplay Trailer is a trailer released for Battlefield Hardline, presenting the game's features and new gameplay from both multiplayer and singleplayer. The trailer previews three new multiplayer maps, Hollywood Heights, The Block, and Derailed, as well as new scenes from the singleplayer campaign.


Live out your cops and criminal fantasy in Battlefield Hardline, the fastest Battlefield ever. Learn more at Inspired by great TV crime dramas, Battlefield Hardline gives you a great single player and multiplayer experience built on strategy, speed, and story.

Battlefield Hardline goes on sale March 17th on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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"Karma" available now on KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records Download here:''


  • The trailer was teased multiple times through the official Battlefield Twitter during the weekend before its release.[1][2]
  • This trailer shows alternate police multiplayer models, wearing undercover clothes rather than SWAT gear.


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