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Image Name Unlocked Criteria Reward Other Information
Purrfect Patriot Purrfect Patriot
  • Rank 25
  • Purrfect Patriot Patch Purrfect Patriot
  • Reference to the abbreviation for "Counter Attack Truck" being "CAT"
Thanks, But No Tanks Thanks, But No Tanks
  • Rank 25
  • Destroy 100 Heavy Armored Vehicles
  • Destroy 10 Vehicles with the Repair Tool
  • Thanks, But No Tanks Patch Thanks, But No Tanks
  • Reference to how, unlike past installments, Battlefield Hardline does not feature Tanks
Hey Taxi! Hey Taxi!
  • Rank 25
  • 100 ally vehicle spawns on you while driving
  • Hey Taxi! Patch Hey Taxi!
Cat&#039;s Eyes Cat's Eyes
  • Rank 25
  • Revive 9 allies in a single life
  • Cat's Eyes Patch Cat&#039;s Eyes
Make It Rain Make It Rain
  • Rank 25
  • Drop off 5 fully loaded stacks of Money Piles in a single match of Blood Money
  • Make It Rain Patch Make It Rain
  • Reference to the act of throwing money or "Making It Rain"
Can&#039;t Touch This Can't Touch This
  • Rank 25
  • 10 kills in a single life without taking any damage
  • Excludes Hacker
  • Can't Touch This Patch Can&#039;t Touch This
  • Reference to the song "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer. The phrase generally means "I'm too good for you." or "You'll never be as good as I am."
Gentle Pegasus Gentle Pegasus
  • Rank 25
  • Win 20 matches wihout killing any enemies
  • Excludes Hacker
  • Gentle Pegasus Patch Gentle Pegasus
Mike&#039;s Payback Mike's Payback
  • Rank 25
  • Get 200 Payback Bonuses
  • Mike's Payback Patch Mike&#039;s Payback
Easter&#039;s Greetings Easter's Greetings
  • Rank 25
  • Fast and Bloody Assignment
  • Easter's Greetings Patch Easter&#039;s Greetings
There Can Only Be One There Can Be Only One
  • Rank 50
  • There Can Be Only One Patch There Can Only Be One
  • Reference to the Highlander movie and tv franchise
Weaponsmith Weaponsmith
  • Rank 50
  • Enter a match after crafting a Weapon in the Gun Bench
  • 100 Kills with weapons crafted from the Gun Bench
  • One additional weapon slot for the Gun Bench
  • Weaponsmith Patch Weaponsmith
Master Weaponsmith Master Weaponsmith
  • Weaponsmith Assignment
  • Enter a match after customizing four outfits in the Gun Bench
  • Enter a match after crafting a weapon in four different Gun Bench slots
  • 1000 kills with weapons crafted from the Gun Bench
  • One additional Weapon Slot for the Gun Bench
  • Master Weaponsmith Patch Master Weaponsmith

Weapon LicenseEdit

Image Name Criteria Reward Other Information
Improvised Gun License Assignment Improvised Gun License Improvised Gun License Assignment
MP9 License Assignment MP9 License
  • Purchase the MP9 License
MP9 License Assignment
SP-AR License Assignment SP-AR License
  • Purchase the SP-AR License
SP-AR License Assignment


Image Name Unlocked Criteria Reward
Gravedigger Syndicate Gravedigger Syndicate
  • Rank 50
  • Earn 1,000 Kills Across All Primary And Secondary Weapons
  • Kill 200 players in Betrayal maps
  • 25 kills with the Shovel
  • 20 Roadkills with the Hearse
  • 50 Squad Avenger Kills
  • Gravedigger Syndicate Patch Gravedigger Syndicate
  • Gold Shovel Gold Shovel
  • Gold Battlepack BFHL Gold Battlepack
Sword &amp; Board Syndicate Sword & Board Syndicate
  • Rank 50
  • Melee Assignment
  • Squad Assignment
  • Sword & Board Syndicate Patch Sword &amp; Board Syndicate
  • Gold Inquisition Sword BFHL Inqsword gold
  • Gold Battlepack BFHL Gold Battlepack
Bloody Broadsword Syndicate Blood Broadsword Syndicate
  • Rank 100
  • Complete Sword & Board Syndicate assignment
  • Bloody Broadsword Syndicate Patch Bloody Broadsword Syndicate
  • Red Inquisition Sword BFHL Inqsword red
  • Gold Battlepack BFHL Gold Battlepack
Big Game Hunter Big Game Hunter
  • Become a Big Game Hunter
  • See Mammoth Gun page on details of how to unlock
Big Eddie&#039;s Wiseguys Big Eddie's Wiseguys

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