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Image Name Unlocked Criteria Reward
Fast and Bloody Assignment Fast and Bloody
  • Rank 25
  • 20 Roadkills
  • 100 Hotwire Cruising Coins
  • Fast and Bloody Patch Fast and Bloody Assignment
  • Rabbit Mask
Boost It Baby Assignment Boost It Baby
  • Rank 25
  • Hotwire 20 Vehicles
  • 100 Hotwire Takedown Coins
  • Boost It Baby Patch Boost It Baby Assignment
  • Motorcycle Helmet
Primal Smash Assignment Primal Smash
  • Rank 25
  • 25 Sledge Hammer Kills
  • 25 Baseball Bat Kills
  • 50 Knife Kills
  • Primal Smash Patch Primal Smash Assignment
  • Gorilla Mask
Phalanx Assignment Phalanx
  • Rank 25
  • Phalanx Patch Phalanx Assignment
  • Tatical Helmet
Prehistoric Boom Assignment Prehistoric Boom
  • Rank 25
  • 250 Kills with M1A1 Thompson
  • 100 Kills with M1911
  • 100 Kills with .44 Magnum
  • Prehistoric Boom Patch Prehistoric Boom Assignment
  • Dinosaur Mask Dino Mask
Original Tactics Assignments Original Tactics
  • Rank 25
  • 15 Kills with either Defibrillator or Revive Tool
  • 15 Kills with Zipline
  • 15 Kills with Repair Tool
  • 15 Kills with Nail Gun
  • Original Tactics Patch Original Tactics Assignments
  • Ballistic Helmet
Beware of Dog Assignment Beware of Dog
  • Rank 50
  • Black Market Assignment
  • 500 Kills with ARM
  • 500 Kills with Double-Barrel Shotgun
  • Beware of Dog Patch Beware of Dog Assignment
  • Wolf Mask
Shut It Down Assignment Shut It Down
  • Rank 50
  • Black Market Assignment
  • 500 Kills with FMG-9
  • 500 Kills with .300 Knockout
  • Shut It Down Patch Shut It Down Assignment
  • Riot Helmet

Weapon LicensesEdit

Image Name Criteria Reward Other Information
FAL License FAL License
  • Purchase the FAL license
FAL License
KSG12 Liscense KSG12 License
  • Purchase the KSG12 license
KSG12 Liscense
SG510 License SG510 License
  • Purchase the SG510 license
SG510 License


Image Name Unlocked Criteria Reward Other Information
Bounty Hunter Assignment Bounty Hunter
  • 50 Bounty Hunted Coins
  • 50 Bounty Denied Coins
Bounty Hunter Assignment

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