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Image Name Criteria Reward
Wheels Up Wheels Up
  • 1000 Jump Bonuses
  • Wheels Up Patch Wheels Up
Ace Helicopter Pilot Ace Helicopter Pilot
  • Disrupt a missile lock 50 times
  • Ace Helicopter Pilot Patch
Ace Helicopter Pilot
My Hero My Hero
  • Heal 1000 Teammates
  • My Hero Patch My Hero
Solid Gold Solid Gold
  • Unlock 1 Gold Melee Weapon
  • Solid Gold Patch Solid Gold
Riding Shotgun Riding Shotgun
  • 500 Non-turret Kills from a vehicle front passenger seat
  • Riding Shotgun Patch
Riding Shotgun

Weapon LicenseEdit

Image Name Criteria Reward Other Information
AUG Para License AUG Para AUG Para License
M125 License M12S
  • Purchase the M12S License
M125 License
M5 Navy License MP5 Navy AUG Para License


Image Name Unlocked Criteria Reward
Capture the Bag Capture the Bag
  • 50 Bag Thief Coins
  • 50 Hitman Coins
Capture the Bag


Image Name Unlocked Criteria Reward
Firefighter Syndicate Fire Fighter Syndicate
  • Earn 1,000,000 Points Across All Classes
  • Melee Assignment
  • Fire Fighter Syndicate Patch Firefighter Syndicate
  • Gold Fire Axe BFHL FireAxGold
  • Gold Battlepack BFHL Gold Battlepack

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