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Battlefield Play4Free: Age of Rage Theme
Date Released

June 27, 2011





CORRODED - Age of Rage (Battlefield Play4Free Theme)03:59

CORRODED - Age of Rage (Battlefield Play4Free Theme)

CORRODED - Age of Rage (Behind the Scenes)07:01

CORRODED - Age of Rage (Behind the Scenes)

Age of Rage by Corroded is the main theme song of Battlefield Play4Free. The song utilizes a Battlefield's notable six beat sting, with the music video taking place on the battlefield itself. The band itself is covered in rubble and dirt, with footage from the game itself playing in the background. A behind the scenes video was also released.


Check out the new music video from CORRODED, featuring the track "Age of Rage" from their latest single.

Check out CORRODED on their homepage at

Keep up to date with the latest CORRODED news via their social pages: Facebook - Twitter -!/corrodedsweden MySpace -

Visit the Battlefield Play4Free Homepage:

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